Chris Windom. (Bill Miller photo)

By Richie Murray

Speedway, Indiana (June 9, 2019)………Following Saturday’s victory in the 15th annual “Indiana Midget Week” finale at Lawrenceburg Speedway, Chris Windom lamented the fact that they had put themselves behind the eight ball early on in each of the first four races of the series, forcing them to fight from the back of the pack every night.

However, passing cars can pay plenty of dividends, and Windom did plenty of that over the past five nights to capture the $300 ProSource Passing Master bonus.

No driver passed more cars throughout the five-race series than did Windom, who overtook a total of 46 cars for a tick over an average of nine positions of advancement each night. However, on the second night of IMW at Gas City, his 14-place advancement from 23rd to 9thdidn’t calculate toward the ProSource Passing Master standings due to being a provisional starter, giving him an official total of 32 passes during IMW.

Windom started 11th and finished 10th in the opener at Montpelier, then the big charges began to happen in rapid succession. The Canton, Ill. driver charged from 23rd to 9th at Gas City, from 14th to 5th at Lincoln Park, from 22nd to 4th at Bloomington and, finally, 5th to 1st at Lawrenceburg.

ProSource paid out $100 to each race’s hard charger who advanced the most positions from his or her starting spot (provisional starters excluded). Jerry Coons, Jr. (20th to 11th at Montpelier), Tyler Courtney (15th to 6th at Gas City), Tanner Thorson (15th to 1st at Lincoln Park), Chris Windom (22nd to 4th at Bloomington), Chad Boat (15th to 2nd at Lawrenceburg).

Furthermore, ProSource sponsored the Hard Work award, which rewarded $100 to the slowest qualifying driver each night who transferred to the night’s main event: Boat (Montpelier), Andrew Layser (Gas City), Boat (Lincoln Park), Windom (Bloomington) and Zeb Wise (Lawrenceburg).

1. (32) Chris Windom
2. (31) Tanner Thorson
3. (29) Zeb Wise
4. (28) Chad Boat
5. (21) Logan Seavey
6. (21) Zach Daum
7. (15) Jason McDougal
8. (15) Jesse Colwell
9. (14) Tyler Courtney
10. (13) Cannon McIntosh
11. (10) Shane Golobic
12. (10) Andrew Layser
13. (9) Jerry Coons, Jr.
14. (8) Tanner Carrick
15. (8) Tucker Klaasmeyer
16. (7) Kevin Thomas, Jr.
17. (6) Holley Hollan
18. (4) Brady Bacon
19. (3) Cole Bodine
20. (2) Kyle Larson
21. (2) Ethan Mitchell
22. (2) Dillon Welch
23. (2) Dave Darland
24. (1) Justin Grant
25. (0) Anton Hernandez, Billy Wease, Brent Watson, C.J. Leary, Chris Baue, Critter Malone, Davey Ray, Karsyn Elledge, Kyle Cummins, Michael Koontz, Michael Pickens, Noah Gass, Oliver Akard, Ryan Padgett, Sterling Cling, Thomas Meseraull, Tyler Nelson, Zane Hendricks, Sam Johnson, Justin Dickerson, Kendall Ruble & Justin Peck