Bradley Wins at Charlotte County

From Curtis Whalin

The Checkered Flag Sprint Series (CFSS) returned to Charlotte County Motorsports Park on Saturday November 7, 2009 with 21 cars to run three heat races and a 30 lap feature race.

Geoff Styner in the 15JR had the pole for the start of the first heat race with Brian Maddox in the 82 car alongside. The 15jr took the initial race lead but was passed on lap 2 by Amanda Ferguson in the 20 car. On lap 3, the red flag was brought out when the 21 of Jimmy Alvis Jr. ran into the tire wall at turn 1 after trying to avoid another crash. Jimmy was not hurt but the car was done for the night. The track was dried off from rain water that had run out from the tires and the race got back underway. Amanda held onto the lead and took the heat race win. The second race saw Robbie Hackett in the 19T on the pole with Ric Voisey in the 69 on the outside. At the start of the race, Keith Butler was able to come through from his 4th place starting position to take the race lead and the heat win. Frankie Hurst in the 6 car sat on the pole for the start of the third and final heat race alongside Steven Bradley in the 1 car. Steven Bradley took the race lead and held it for 5 laps until he was passed by Mark Gimmler in the 51car who took the lead and the heat win.

Frankie Hurst had the pole for the start of the 30 lap feature race with Geoff Styner in the 15JR car on the outside, but by the end of the first lap it was third place starter Steven Bradley who was in the lead. The first caution of the race came on lap 3 when the 6 car driven by Frankie Hurst spun at turn 2. While the caution was out, the 67 car of Scott Adema pulled off the track with a broken front shock. The cars lined back up and the track got back to green but on the restart, a slow starting car caused a chain reaction of cars running into each other. They all managed to keep going but the caution flag was thrown when it looked as if the 29 car of Gary Gimmler was going to get airborne. Luckily the car stayed on the track and kept going, but had to go to the rear because that was the car that the caution was called on. The race got back to green and the restart was successful this time. The last caution of the race came on lap 5 when the 15JR hit the wall between turns 1 and 2 after contact with another car, while at the other end of the track, the 51 of Mark Gimmler and the 82 of Brian Maddox came to a stop after making contact. The 15JR was done for the night but the other cars were able to rejoin the race. Steven Bradley led the field off for the restart. The 6F driven by Jimmy Dwyer and the 6X of Skeeter Faulconer both pulled off on lap 7, followed by the 21A driven by Richard Roark on lap 9, Robert Parrow in the 7 car on lap 14 and the 19T of Robbie Hackett on lap 17. While Steven Bradley stretched out his lead, there was a tight battle for 4th place between the 79 of David Salwiak, the 29 of Gary Gimmler and the 51 of Mark Gimmler, but the 79 pulled off on lap 29 with a mechanical issue. Steven Bradley took the feature race win followed by Keith Butler in the 19 car, Amanda Ferguson in the 20 , Gary Gimmler in the 29 and Mark Gimmler in the 51 car rounded out the top five.

The staff and racers of the CFSS would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at the last race of the 2009 season, back at Charlotte County Motorsports Park on December 5th.

Checkered Flag Sprint Series

Charlotte County Motorsports Park, November 7, 2009

Heat #1

1) 20 Amanda Ferguson (Montverde, FL)

2) 82 Brian Maddox (Brandon, FL)

3) 79 David Slawiak (Brandon, FL)

4) 15Jr Geoff Styner (Cape Coral, FL)

5) 31 Channing Conley (Leesburg, FL)

6) 21A Richard Roark (Apopka, FL)

7) 21 Jimmy Alvis Jr. (Seffner, FL)

Heat #2

1) 19 Keith Butler (Riverveiw, FL)

2) 22 Dustin Henderson (St Cloud,FL)

3) 67 Scott Adema (Ft.Myers,FL)

4) 2 A.J. Maddox (Tampa, FL)

5) 69 Ric Voisey (Wesley Chapel,FL)

6) 6F Jimmy Dwyer (Tampa, FL)

7) 19T Robbie Hackett (Riverveiw, FL)

Heat #3

1) 51 Mark Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

2) 1 Steven Bradley (Lecanto, FL)

3) 29 Gary Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

4) 6 Frankie Hurst (Odessa, FL)

5) J1 Michael Tharp (N. Ft. Myers, FL)

6) 6X Skeeter Faulconer (Lutz, FL)

7) 7 Robert Parrow (Wilton Manor, FL)


1) 1 Steven Bradley; 2) 19 Keith Butler; 3) 20 Amanda Ferguson; 4) 29 Gary Gimmler; 5) 51 Mark Gimmler; 6) 31 Channing Conley; 7) 2 A.J. Maddox; 8) 82 Brian Maddox; 9) J1 Michael Tharp; 10) 22 Dustin Henderson; 11) 6 Frankie Hurst; 12) 69 Ric Voisey; 13) 79 David Slawiak; 14) 7 Robert Parrow; 15) 19T Robbie Hackett; 16) 21A Richard Roark; 17) 6F Jimmy Dwyer; 18) 6X Skeeter Faulconer; 19) 15Jr Geoff Styner; 20) 67 Scott Adema

The 21 of Jimmy Alvis Jr. was not able to start the feature race.