Allard Comes From 13th to Win Night Two of the Dirt Cup

From Skagit Speedway

Jonathan Allard rebounded from a night one flip to win the second night of the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway. After starting 13th on the completely inverted field, Allard powered his way through the field and passed race leader Glenn Borden on lap 20 to take the win in the Karsten Homes #0 Maxim. Zach Zimmerly ran second for the second night in a row in the DWT #94 ART. Shane Stewart ran third in the Jet City Equipment #7k ART. Zimmerly was the leading points scorer over the two nights of preliminary action. The five other cars locked into the A Scramble for the finale are Stewart, two time defending Dirt Cup Champion Jayme Barnes, Allard, Jason Solwold and Colton Heath. Heat race wins went to Travis Jacobson, Brock Lemley, Marc Duperron, Allard and Eric Fisher. Barnes was fast time. Chad Groves won the C Main. Solwold won the B Main.

Dustin O’Brien led all 15 laps of the Washington State Racing Series Ford Focus Midgets, holding off Derek Holmwood to take his second victory in a Focus Midget at Skagit Speedway. Holmwood was second with Seth Hespe third. Heat race wins went to Rece Goetz and Holmwood.

Full points run downs and lineups are available at

Fast Time – Jayme Barnes
Heat 1 – Travis Jacobson, Kyle Hirst, Bud Kaeding, Barnes, Barry Martinez, Trey Starks, Josh Edson, Kelsey Carpenter, Glen Reinstra
Heat 2 – Brock Lemley, Shane Stewart, Tim Kaeding, Willie Croft, Peter Murphy, Henry Van Dam, Steve Parker, Danielle Huson
Heat 3 – Marc Duperron, Colton Heath, Zach Zimmerly, Logan Forler, Kevin Smith, Chris Schmelzle, Cam Smith, Jake Mann
Heat 4 – Jonathan Allard, Jesse Whitney, Glenn Borden, Roger Crockett, Kyle Larson, Brent Kaeding, Alec Covert
Heat 5 – Eric Fisher, Skinny Colson, Tommy Tarlton, Jason Solwold, Mitch Olson, Jason Bloodgood, Chad Groves, Marc Schutte
C Main – Chad Groves, Parker, Carpenter, Mann, Reinstra, Schutte, Covert
B Main – Jason Solwold, Croft, Barnes, Br Kaeding, Forler, Olson, Van Dam, Martinez, Schmelzle, Larson, Edson, Starks, C Smith, K Smith, Groves, Parker, Bloodgood, Murphy
A Main – Jonathan Allard, Zimmerly, Stewart, Solwold, Heath, Olson, Whitney, Duperron, Bu Kaeding, Colson, Barnes, Fisher, Borden, Tarlton, Forler, Jacobson, Van Dam, Croft, Hirst, Br Kaeding, Ti Kaeding, Lemley
Lap Leaders – Borden 1-19 Allard 20-30

Washington State Racing Series Midgets
Heat 1 – Rece Goetz, Dustin O’Brien, Carla Stewart
Heat 2 – Derek Holmwood, Seth Hespe, Garrett Johnson, Allison Journey, Todd Hartmann
Main – Dustin O’Brien, Holmwood, Hespe, Johnson, Journey, Hartmann, Taylor Sunkel, Stewart,, Goetz, Jeff Bell
Lap Leaders – O’Brien 1-15