Wofford Wins at El Paso

From El Paso Speedway Park

After a spectacular four-wide salute to the fans, the Renegade Sprint Car Series was set to go thirty times around the El Paso Speedway Park but as the field readied for the start, the 54 of Dylan Harris would be allowed to go pit-side to change his right rear which had gone flat. The flat would force the 54 to forfeit his front row starting position. Back on the racing surface, the 54 lined up at the back of the field as the green flag dropped and Curt Barnett took off into the race lead. Running away from the field, the 43 began to work into lapped traffic as the battle for second would see the 7c of Carney and the 27 of Fuentes in a good battle with the 27 taking over the runner up spot but on the move it was the 18 of Lorne Wofford. Into third, the 18 worked past the 7c of Carney and set his sights on the 27 but in just a couple of laps, lapped traffic would give Wofford the advantage he needed as the 18 made the pass into second with Barnett in his sights. Trying to hold the lead, the 43 of Barnett would see his hopes of victory go away as the front wing began to come apart, causing his setup to go away and allowing the 18 to show the way. Now running away, the next driver on the move was the 5 of Kyle McCutcheon as he made the pass on Barnett for second. Up to third, the 27 of Fuentes was well ahead of the battle for fourth as John Carney II worked on the 43 of Curt Barnett before the 43 called it quits. With less than ten laps to go, an overheating engine would force the 5 to the pits giving second back to Fuentes. Side by side in lapped traffic, the 3s of Carney would pull of the slide job on the 27 for second but as the score board clicked to zero, the 18 of Lorne Wofford would win with John Carney II, Cesar Fuentes, John Carney, and Wes Wofford rounding out the top five.