Dave Darland Takes Doubler At Gas City

From Barb Nichols

Dave Darland won the Mid Season Doubler at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night. Following Darland was Hunter Schuerenburg, Thomas Meseraull, Bryan Clauson and Andrew Elson.

1. Dave Darland
2. Hunter Schuerenberg
3. Thomas Meseraull
4. Bryan Clauson
5. Andrew Elson
6. Brandon Petty
7. Tracy Hines
8. Casey Shuman
9. Matt Westfall
10. Chris Gurley
11. Brett Burdette
12. Blake Fitzpatrick
13. Casey Riggs
14. Billy Puterbaugh, Jr.
15. Kurt Gross
16. Travis Welpott
17. Scotty Weir
18. Brent Turner
19. James Bradshaw
20. Jon Stanbrough
21. Ted Hines
22. Shane Cottle

For complete results: http://www.gascityi69speedway.com A big thank you to Tom and Stephanie Hastings and everyone at The Hastings Law Firm for sponsoring the Mid-Season Doubler. Next Friday will be a regular program.

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