Dewitt Wins Bob’s Burgers & Brew 360 Nationals Night One

By Kaleb Hart


Josh Dewitt won the opening night of the Bob’s Burgers & Brew 360 Nationals presented by Goodyear. Dewitt started on the pole and settled in to second as Henry Van Dam took the initial point. Dewitt kept HVD close and made his move at the start of lap 7, diving to the inside of turn one, then sliding up in front of Henry coming out of two to complete the pass. Van Dam returned the favor going into turn three, executing his own slidejob, but Dewitt countered with a cross under coming out of turn four, beating HVD to the transponder loop to secure the lead. From there, Josh gradually opened up his advantage, cruising home to the checkered flag on lap 30 in the Dirt Inc. #5d Maxim. Travis Jacobson moved forward to secure the second spot in the Rallye Auto Sales #18r Eagle. Van Dam was third in the Van Dam Dairy #33 Maxim. Two time Dirt Cup champion Jayme Barnes had a perfect night going after setting quick time and winning the first heat race, but it all ended up in disaster as Barnes and Jared Peterson tangled with a slowing Jesse Whitney on lap 14 with the result being a destroyed Henderson Motorsports #7n car and relegating Jayme to last place in the A main. Other heat race winners were Roger Crockett, Jason Solwold, Casey Adams and Jacobson. Chad Hillier won the B feature.

Seth Hespe put the Brownfield family back in victory lane for the first time in over a decade at Skagit Speedway, as Seth led all 20 laps of the Ford Focus Midget A Feature. Driving the Skagit Speedway sponsored #92 XXX, Hespe was perfect in clicking off consistent, fast laps around the high groove. Garrett Johnson of Poulsbo was second and former Skagit Speedway Sportsmen Sprint Rookie of the Year Gaylon Stewart was third. Johnson won the heat.

Travis Jacobson and Roger Crockett sit atop the points heading into Saturday night’s $10,000 to win 40 lap A Feature. A full field run down will be available on

360 Sprints
Fast Time – Jayme Barnes
Heat 1 – Barnes, Devin Madonia, Logan Forler, Danielle Huson, Jonathan Jorgenson, Cam Smith, Justin Youngquist
Heat 2 – Roger Crockett, Evan Funk, Shawn Rice, Chad Hillier, Shane Broers, Steve James, Cale Brooke
Heat 3 – Jason Solwold, Henry Van Dam, Jesse Whitney, Jared Peterson, Colton Heath, Colton Akerstrom, Matt VanDerSys
Heat 4 – Casey Adams, Seth Bergman, Trey Starks, Mack Brown, Josh Edson, Clayton Sibley
Heat 5 – Travis Jacobson, Josh Dewitt, Kelsey Carpenter, Rod Perkins, Brock Lemley, Bud Ashe, Michael Hodel
B Main – Chad Hillier, Peterson, Perkins, Huson, Brown, Edson, Akerstrom, Jorgenson, Broers, James, Sibley, Ashe, Smith, Heath, Dunlap, Lemley
A Main – Josh Dewitt, Jacobson, Van Dam, Rice, Crockett, Madonia, Solwold, Funk, Bergman, Starks, Huson, Forler, Carpenter, Perkins, Peterson, Brown, Adams, Whitney, Barnes
Lap Leaders – Van Dam 1-6 Dewitt 7-30

Ford Focus Midgets
Heat – Garrett Johnson, Seth Hespe, Gaylon Stewart, Todd Hartmann, Derek Holmwood
Main – Seth Hespe, Johnson, Stewart, Hartmann, Holmwood, Tina Jorgenson
Lap Leaders – Hespe 1-20