ASCS Nationals go Well for Darren Long and JGRacing.

By Blake Lirette

With all of the best 360 drivers in the country and a few 410 drivers mixed in the ASCS Nationals is one tough show to make, even on the preliminary nights. With a total team effort not only did Darren make the show both nights but he ran extremely well to boot.
With his first run on Friday Darren qualified a stout 4th place out of the 53 cars that took time. Now starting 6th in heat number four two positions would be needed for entry into the A. Running on the high side of the track the 3g quickly made it to 5th with two cars just in front. After stalking 3rd and 4th for a few laps they both tried the bottom and the JGRacing entry buzzed around them on the top finishing 3rd and earning a spot in the feature.
With the feature ready to roll and Darren in the car the team was making changes up to the last minute to have the car just right. Starting off 7th due to the fact a few cars didn’t make the feature through their heats Darren was ready to rock and roll. Once again running the middle to high side of the track the car was just a touch off but not that far. Darren and the team had plans of a top-ten and in the end nothing would stop them from that. After 25 laps 10th is where the 3g would finish the night.
With Saturday upon them and locked well into the feature the team had time on their hands for the maintenance needed and a little relaxation. Knowing they would start 10th in the A the team also spent a little time out of the sun underneath the Red Line Oil tent ribbing each other. With hot laps out of the way Darren, Joe, and Tim knew they had a good piece ready for the feature after the testing that was done Friday evening. With the car perfect Darren began to move forward ever so slightly gaining a few positions but also closing in on those further ahead in the running order. Setting the wing back through the race the car got better and better until the feeling changed and on ensuing restarts the car would simply dig in and he would get freight trained on the low side of the track. A left rear shock bump rubber came apart making the car push on re-starts losing the team a few positions but none of the confidence gained. After two nights and 100 plus cars the JGRacing entry finished up Saturday in the 13th spot.
This weeks Red Line Oil question is; what year was Darren Long Rookie-of-the-Year and with what sanctioning body or track? The winner of the first question will receive a Darren Long t-shirt and the winner of the second question will receive an Allstar Performance t-shirt.
Another new feature we will have; ask a question to the pros, otherwise not me. Send me a question for Joe, Tim, or Darren and if your question is picked it will be featured in the next press release. Please e-mail with Question of the Week in the subject line and I will forward the one chosen it to the correct individual.
Darren Long has t-shirts available in all sizes. Stop at the trailer and ask for one, prices are $15.
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