Wild Night at I-96 Speedway

Wondering why the World of Outlaws program at I-96 Speedway was extraordinarily ugly? Check out the below sequences captured by Randy Ellen Photography.

The first incident occurred during a tangle at the start. You can see Steve Kinser and Kerry Madsen start to turn over while everyone else goes into pucker mode trying to avoid it. Note Tim Shaffer basically driving under Steve Kinser mid air, Kraig Kinser with nowhere to go, and Louie Carufel launching off of Davey Brown’s car to join the party late.

The second incident came after Kraig Kinser lost a tire and Darren Long assisting in this ground pounder. This crash occurred right in front of yours truly, with Kraig taking some very solid landings. Kraig appeared no worse for wear as he was helping the thrash to put Danny Smith’s car back together after the incident you are about to see….

The ugliest incident was this ride taken by Paul McMahan. Nothing good happens when a sprint car jumps on the left side, and especially not during a double file start in front of the entire field. Danny Smith piled in and cars scattered as much as possible to avoid. Note the guys in the flag stand bailing out, the car getting into the catch fence, and the clods flying in the air. Also note how close the stands are to the track. Thankfully this incident was not worse than what it was. Very scary though with McMahan knocked out and a spectator being struck by one of the clods. Initial reports suggest everyone should be okay.

For more photos from this race and others visit Randy Ellen Photography’s website.

Update…here is the video courtesy of Jeff Converse and High Vista Video.