Lasoski Charges to ASCS Warrior Win at Valley Speedway!

Brian Montieth. - Mike Campbell Photo

From Lonnie Wheatley

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — (August 19, 2011) – Rallying from eight rows deep, Danny Lasoski charged through the field to pick up his second Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior victory of the season in Friday night’s 25-lap main event at Valley Speedway.

After starting 16th, Lasoski battled past Brian Brown on the 18th circuit en route to the $2,500 triumph aboard the Kistler-powered Creason Pipeline Construction No. 33 Eagle for his third overall ASCS Regional win of the year.

With Lasoski mired deep in the field at the outset, Brian Brown and Tyler Blank exchanged the lead multiple times on the opening lap with Brown leading at the flagstand. With one lap in the books, Austin Alumbaugh brought out the yellow when he stopped on the frontstretch.

Brown took control on the restart as Brad Loyet got by Blank for second on lap three, with the next few laps slowed by several red and yellow flags. Action was first stopped for a Jay Russell flip in turn one along with a tangle on the backstretch that sent Forrest Sutherland, David Brown and Josh Stephens to the pits. The yellow lights also flickered for Randy Martin, who suffered heavy damage to his nose wing. Martin went pit side and was able to continue after his crew yanked off the nose wing.

Getting an assist from the bevy of reds and yellows, Lasoski worked forward to fourth by lap nine before taking third from Jonathan Cornell soon after.

Lasoski took second away from current ASCS Warrior points leader Loyet the next time around and began to reel in Brown for the point. Inching closer to Brown, a strong run down the backstretch on lap 18 set up an ideal slide job to take command in turn three.

Lasoski stretched out his lead over the final rounds to secure his third overall ASCS Regional win, with Loyet battling past Brown to take runner-up honors by a car-length at the stripe.

Cornell ran a steady race to finish fourth, with Kyle Bellm rounding out the top five. Mark Shirshekan was sixth followed by Blank in seventh. Alumbaugh charged back from the tail to eighth as Brad Ryun finished ninth after a run from deep in the pack as well. Martin completed the top ten.

Mark Shirshekan, Tyler Blank, Cornell and Chad Corken topped heat race action for the 28-car field, with Alumbaugh winning the “B” Main.

Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Results from Valley Speedway:

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. 3-Mark Shirshekan, 2. 09-Josh Stephens, 3. 38-Cody Baker, 4. 33L-Danny Lasoski, 5. 76-Jay Russell, 6. 11C-Dakota Carroll, 7. 3B-Robert Black.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. 75-Tyler Blank, 2. 9M-Chad Ely, 3. 21-Brian Brown, 4. 165-Haley Arnold, 5. 2A-Randy Hibbs, 6. 7C-Chris Morgan, 7. 88-Chad Tye.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. 28-Jonathan Cornell, 2. 7J-J.D. Black, 3. 48-David Brown, 4. 1X-Brad Ryun, 5. 14-Randy Martin, 6. 33A-Austin Alumbaugh, 7. 5-Jason Schroeder.

Fourth Heat (8 Laps): 1. 11-Chad Corken, 2. 85-Forrest Sutherland, 3. 05-Brad Loyet, 4. 14K-Kyle Bellm, 5. 46-Mitchell Moore, 6. 5M-Miranda Arnold, 7. 55-Greg Clemons.

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 33A-Austin Alumbaugh, 2. 1X-Brad Ryun, 3. 165-Haley Arnold, 4. 5M-Miranda Arnold, 5. 46- Mitchell Moore, 6. 2A-Randy Hibbs, 7. 11C-Dakota Carroll, 8. 7C-Chris Morgan, 9. 5-Jason Schroeder, 10. 3B-Robert Black, 11. 88-Chad Tye, 12. 55-Greg Clemons

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 33L-Danny Lasoski, 2. 05-Brad Loyet, 3. 21-Brian Brown, 4. 28-Jonathan Cornell, 5. 14K-Kyle Bellm, 6. 3-Mark Shirshekan, 7. 75-Tyler Blank, 8. 33A-Austin Alumbaugh, 9. 1X-Brad Ryun, 10. 14-Randy Martin, 11. 38-Cody Baker, 12. 11-Chad Corken, 13. 7J-J. D. Black, 14. 9M-Chad Ely, 15. 165-Haley Arnold, 16. 09-Josh Stephens, 17. 85-Forrest Sutherland, 18. 48-David Brown, 19. 76-Jay Russell, 20. 5M-Miranda Arnold.

Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Brad Loyet 1,383, 2. Randy Martin 1,262, 3. Kyle Bellm 1,247, 4. Jonathan Cornell 1,203, 5. Mark Shirshekan 1,174, 6. Cody Baker 1,102, 7. Josh Stephens 1,068, 8. Tyler Blank 955, 9. Austin Alumbaugh 841, 10. Chad Corken 742.