Alvarado Wins at El Paso

El Paso Speedway Park logo

El Paso TX – (September 2, 2011) — New clay added to the racing surface made for an interesting night as the El Paso Speedway Park saw the Renegade Sprint Car Series headlining the nights racing action.

Twenty five laps of racing got underway for the Renegade Sprint Car Series with the 36 of Joe Alvarado taking the race lead with the 1m of Dylan Harris in a close second as the battle for third was between Curt Barnett and Colt Treharn. Side by side, the 43 of Barnet would have the advantage as the 77 of Treharn fell to third. Trying to work his way through the running order, the 18 of Lorne Wofford would take to the high line but with the track starting to peel apart, the 18 would have to get back to the bottom of the track. With the wide aggressive tires of the Sprint Cars digging into the racing surface, several holes would begin to develop on the freshly re-clayed racing surface. To the halfway point, the 1m of Harris would take a shot at the 36 of Alvarado but with no success. Side by side several times for the lead, the 1m just could not get the run he needed. After having to move off the top earlier in the race, the 18 of Wofford would take away sixth from Kyle Sager as the race on the track was again for third. Wheel to wheel, the 77 and the 43 would go at it again as the 18 of Wofford took over fifth from the 131 of Royal Jones. Into the final three laps, the 9k of Sager and the 8 of John Carney II would come together with the 8 able to roll away as the 9k limped into the pit area as back up front the 36 of Alvarado would again have to fend off the 1m as the white flag waved. Into the turns on and two for the final time, Harris would take it in too deep; pushing up the track to allow Joe Alvarado to pull away for the win. Dylan Harris would take second with Colt Treharn taking away third on the final lap. Curt Barnett and Lorne Wofford rounded out the top five.