TENTATIVE 2012 All Star Circuit of Champions Schedule

All Star Circuit of Champions ascoc 2011 2012
All Star Circuit of Champions ascoc 2011 2012

From Brian Liskai

Date Day Track
10-Feb Friday Screven Motor Speedway
11-Feb Saturday Screven Motor Speedway
15-Feb Wednesday Volusia Speedway Park
16-Feb Thursday Volusia Speedway Park
23-Feb Thursday Bubba Raceway Park
24-Feb Friday Bubba Raceway Park
25-Feb Saturday Bubba Raceway Park

6-Apr Friday Attica Raceway Park
7-Apr Saturday Attica Raceway Park
27-Apr Friday Williams Grove Speedway
28-Apr Saturday Port Royal Speedway
29-Apr Sunday Clinton County Raceway

12-May Saturday Mercer Raceway Park
26-May Saturday Fremont Speedway
27-May Sunday Fremont Speedway

8-Jun Friday Williams Grove Speedway
9-Jun Saturday Lincoln Speedway
10-Jun Sunday Utica Rome Speedway
22-Jun Friday Attica Raceway Park
23-Jun Saturday Wayne County Speedway
24-Jun Sunday Waynsfield Raceway Park
25-Jun Monday Wayne County Speedway
26-Jun Tuesday Sharon Speedway
27-Jun Wednesday Fremont Speedway
28-Jun Thursday T.B.A.
29-Jun Friday Limaland Motorsports Park
30-Jun Saturday Fremont Speedway

3-Jul Tuesday T.B.A.
16-Jul Monday Brewerton Speedway
18-Jul Wednesday Fonda Speedway
21-Jul Saturday Wilmot Raceway
Date Tuesday Hibbing Raceway
25-Jul Wednesday Rain Date (Hibbing Raceway)
26-Jul Thursday Red River CO-OP Speedway
27-Jul Friday Jackson Speedway
28-Jul Saturday Red River Valley Speedway
29-Jul Sunday Husets Speedway

5-Aug Sunday T.B.A.
6-Aug Monday Southern Iowa Speedway
12-Aug Sunday Husets Speedway
15-Aug Wednesday Red River Valley Speedway
16-Aug Thursday Rain Date (Fargo, ND)
18-Aug Saturday Butler Motor Speedway
25-Aug Saturday Mercer Raceway Park
31-Aug Friday Lernerville Speedway

1-Sep Saturday Attica Raceway Park
2-Sep Sunday Wayne County Speedway
7-Sep Friday Port Royal Speedway
8-Sep Saturday Port Royal Speedway
9-Sep Sunday Rain Date (Port Royal
14-Sep Friday Fremont Speedway
15-Sep Saturday Fremont Speedway
29-Sep Saturday T.B.A
13-Oct Saturday Eldora Speedway