Tyler Bear Claws to Feature Win at Path Valley

By Rob Keller

Tyler Bear is two-for-two at Path Valley in 2012 after winning the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Car feature. Bear started first and was leading by a few seconds until he had to slow when he caught the back end of the field. Ryan Lynn closed in, even getting beside Bear on one occasion. After the final restart on lap seventeen, Bear powered away to win by several car lengths over Lynn. Tim Dietz made the biggest move, starting eighth and finishing third. Marcus Defreitas finished fourth and Scott Ellerman fifth. Heat race wins went to Bear and Lynn.

305 Sprint: 1.Tyler Bear (Elliottsburg, PA), 2.Ryan Lynn, 3.Tim Dietz, 4.Marcus Defreitas, 5.Scott Ellerman, 6.Tyler Lebo, 7.Kyle Lloyd, 8.Jake Waters, 9.Craig Myers, 10.Jeff Miller, 11.Mark Watkins DNS: Jim Kennedy
Lap Leaders: Tyler Bear (1-20)
Heats: Tyler Bear, Ryan Lynn