Racer of the Week

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By Brian Goscinski

This weeks Super Shox racer of the week is Sam Borden driver of the Revolution Racing Products 93B 600 Upright Mini Sprint that races at Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton Indiana. Sam is a 2012 high school graduate that will be attending Marion University in Indianapolis to study Business and Motorsport Management. Sam’s racing background started in Karts and has progressed into Mini Sprints where Sam has won back to back championships in 2010 and 2011 and a monumental 50 feature events with Super Shox since 2009.

SS: What feels different with Super Shox as opposed to other shocks you have used?

SB: With Super Shox, the car feels more responsive to weight transfer and setups than other shocks I have used. You can also use the adjustable Super Shox to fine tune your setup while on the track. It also makes me feel confident that I have the best Shox money can buy on the car.

SS: What do you feel are the benefits of using Super Shox?
SB: I feel that I have an advantage with Super Shox because they respond so well on the track and have many possibilities when tuning the car to the track. Just a couple clicks here and there and you have a perfect car while you are on the track. I’ve been most impressed with the double adjustable Shox because it is so easy to reach down and take out a click of compression to tighten the car or vice versa, I really use it the most for on track adjustments. Another benefit is the service from Brian, you aren’t just another customer to him, you are part of the Super Shox family.

SS: What advantage to feel you have with Super Shox?

SB: Some of advantages that come to my mind is that it is a gas shock which allows it to respond better and resist heat so the shock stays constant the whole race and having an adjustable shock is huge advantage because you can change the setup to keep up with the track as it changes during the race.

SS: When looking at a double adjustable gas shock it looks pretty complicated, how has it been for you to adapt to using adjustable shocks?

SB: We purchased a double adjustable shock last year and so far I have loved it. I thought it was really simple especially with the tuning knob for compression, its great to have tuning abilities inside the car and it is very simple to use.

SS: Did you find the shock manual to be useful in gaining an understanding of the shocks?
SB: Yes it has, especially with our adjustable shocks, it shows how the shocks work at different rebounds and compression settings before they are put on the car.

SS: What is your opinion on the service and support from Super Shox?

SB: The service has been great, if you have a problem, you can call Brian and talk with him personally. Shock rebuild time is very quick and at a good price compared to some of the other shock manufacturers. We have been very pleased with everything Super Shox has to offer.

SS: Has Super Shox changed the way you drive or set up the car?

SB: Super Shox has allowed me as a driver to be more aggressive lap after lap because the car is so stable and responsive. Also, using rebound and compression from the adjustable shocks is really one of the cornerstones to our setup, they make it so easy to adjust the car, with just a few clicks on the adjusters you have a totally different car. We also use different nitrogen pressures in the shocks as part of our setups too, there are so many possibilities when using Super Shox, it is really quite an impressive shock.

Sam thanks for taking time to share your experiences with Super Shox we are glad to have you on our team and wish you the best of luck at the track and in college.

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