Bacon Victorious Wins the WAR at Valley

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From Valley Speedway

Grain Valley, MO — (May 23, 2012) — Taking over the driving duties of the Jack Hockett Racing 77 for the night, Brady Bacon was victorious in the Wingless Auto Racing A-Main at Valley Speedway.

Frank Brown jumped into the early lead as he was followed by Austin Alumbaugh and J.D. Black, who was looking for his second WAR win at Valley this season. Bacon was showing his strength early as he moved up to fourth from his eighth starting spot in just a handful of laps.

With Brown showing the way, Bacon moved up to challenge Black for the runner-up spot. The pair had an intense battle, but Bacon took the spot for good on lap seven.

Brown continued to lead in his Brown Farms Frankenstein mount, but Bacon slipped under as the pair exited turn two on lap eleven.

A lap thirteen yellow for a Chad Frewaldt 360 in turn four was the only stoppage and Bacon again took command on the restart. Behind him, Josh Stephens made his presence known in his Summers Farms sprinter as he battled back and forth with Black for second. On lap seventeen, he zipped around Black coming off of turn four to take over the spot. Stephens would see his great run come to an end on the white flag lap as he stopped in the infield.

Bacon went on to a comfortable win in the Rod End Supply/Korte Transportation/Lucas Oil/Parker Stores of Phoenix/Butler Built Seats Maxim with RMS power. Black ran second in the S&S Electric/Stinger Spirits and Lounge Maxim with BRE power. John Helm moved up to third in his Helm Racing Wesmar/Eagle. Chris Morgan came from fourteenth to fourth in his Griffith Truck Equipment/Red Tail Painting Parker-powered JEI. Hometown driver Chad Shields rounded out the top five in his Seamless Polymer Siding Triple X.

John Helm was the winner of a toolbox courtesy of Waterloo Industries.

WAR will be back in action on Friday night May 25th at the Double X Speedway in California, MO as part of a special night of open wheel racing. Then, on Saturday May 26th, WAR will head to LA Raceway in La Monte, MO to make up the rained out race from April 14th.

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WAR Results for Valley Speedway

May 23, 2012

A-Main-20 laps

77 Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, OK (8) 2. 7J J.D. Black, Grain Valley, MO (3) 3. 12 John Helm, Kearney, MO (6) 4. 7C Chris Morgan, Topeka, KS (14) 5. 81 Chad Shields, Grain Valley, MO (5) 6. 26 Austin Alumbaugh, Higginsville, MO (1) 7. 51 Mitchell Moore, Edgerton, KS (10) 8. 1X Brad Ryun, Higginsville, MO (9) 9. 43 Frank Brown, Marshall, MO (2) 10. 55 Kenny Potter, Harrisonville, MO (12) 11. 19s Steven Cross, Clinton, MO (13) 12. 8 Jeff Wingate, Centertown, MO (4) 13. 2 Zach Clark, Olathe, KS (11) 14. 73 Lane Stone, Concordia, MO (19) 15. 9 Casey Baker, Lone Jack, MO (17) 16. 66 Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO (15) 17. 4F Chad Frewaldt, Kansas City, KS (16) 18. 1K Aaron Kuhn, Independence, MO (20) 19. 09 Josh Stephens, Buckner, MO (7)-DNF 20. 20 Tom Nading, Grain Valley, MO (18)-DNF

B-Main 10 laps (Top 6 transferred to A)

66 Chris Parkinson (3) 2. 4F Chad Frewaldt (1) 3. 9 Casey Baker (2) 4. 20 Tom Nading (7) 5. 73 Lane Stone (4) 6. 1K Aaron Kuhn (9) 7. 11X Andy Helm, Kearney, MO (8) 8. 88 Chad Tye, Independence, MO (10)-DNF 9. 60R Bill Nolker, Lawson, MO (6)-DNF 10. 15K Keaton Dobbs, Edwardsville, IL (5)-DNF Did Not Start: 12C Faron Crank, Sedalia, MO and 89 Todd McVay, Grain Valley, MO

Contingency Awards-

Schure Built Suspensions Fast Time Award-Austin Alumbaugh

Rod End Supply Heat Race Winners-Brady Bacon, Mitchell Moore, and Brad Ryun

Keizer Aluminum Wheels Certificate-Kenny Potter

Maxwill Industries Hard Luck Award-Josh Stephens