Zimmerman Wins at Butler

Doug Zimmerman. - Tom Willavize Photo

Doug Zimmerman. - Tom Willavize Photo
From Tom Willavize

Quincy, MI — (July 22, 2012) — Doug Zimmerman flew to the feature win at Butler Motor Speedway. On a night that was highlighted by the Legends of the Past, with cars and stars of years past, the Winged Sprint car feature would showcase a rookie and a veteran. Brad Lamberson and Chad Hart would lead the field to green with Lamberson leading. Lamberson would hold the veteran Zimmerman off for the first 14 circuits, including several restarts, before the Butler veteran would charge around Lamberson. A late race yellow would bunch up the field for a one lap dash for the win. Zimmerman, the current Winged Sprint Car point leader, would get a good restart and go on to capture the win ahead of Lamberson, Hart, Bill Jacoby and Shelby Bilton.

Butler Speedway Results – July 21, 2012
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 19 Doug Zimmerman , 2. 27B Brad Lamberson, 3. 39Jr Chad Hart, 4. 31J Bill Jacoby, 5. 27 Shelby Bilton, 6. 9E Tim Evilsizer, 7. 7 Nic Rogers, 8. 8 Aaron Huff, 9. 99 Ernie Kuehneman, 10. 14 Chad Wilson, 11. 27K Ryan Kirkendall , 12. 96 Josh Mohr, 13. 73 Dustin Shriver, 14. 39 Gerry Hart, 15. 9R Len Robison, 16. 47 Robert Bulloch, 17. 50B Mike Burns, 18. 44 Tom Davies
Heat Winners: Shelby Bilton, Bill Jacoby