Travis Young Claims USSA Mel Kenyon Midget Series Indianapolis Speedrome Challenge Title

From Eric Bunn

(Lebanon, IN) USSA series officials have announced that Franklin, Indiana’s Travis Young has won the Mel Kenyon Midget Series Indianapolis Speedrome Challenge Driving Championship. In the closest championship race in USSA history, Young claimed the top spot over USSA Simpson World Rookie of the Year candidate Dameron Taylor by the skimpy margin of 7 challenge points.

While it looked like the Mel Kenyon Midget Series Speedrome Challenge points race would be a barn burner to the finish, with Cordy Horn and 2011 Kenyon Car Champ Jessica Bean in the hunt for the title along with Young and Taylor, Indianapolis Speedrome officials threw a bucket of water on the excitement when they informed USSA that the Mel Kenyon Midget Series would no longer be paid for racing at the east side of Indianapolis oval. USSA officials were left with no option but to cancel the final two races at the Speedrome.

“‘I knew it was going to be tough. The young drivers in this series are very hungry and talented. To put my name in the same line as all the previous midget champions at the Speedrome is very special to me.” said Young. “Dad (Norm Young) tried for many years and came up just short numerous times. To finally get a championship there is awesome for the whole family.” Young explained, referring to his family’s long history on the 1/5th mile oval.

Young conducted a tough championship battle with Dameron Taylor, the eventual runner-up in the Speedrome Challenge. Young’s three wins and a second topped the charts, while Taylor picked up one win a second, a third and two poles in the shortened championship. Young was also a strong qualifier with one pole and several second fast times.

The overall season USSA Kenyon Midget Series Driving Championship will move from the pavement to the dirt track at US 24 Speedway in Logansport Indiana on Saturday August 11 for three races and conclude at Anderson Speedway on October 6. Young leads Taylor, Horn and Bean in the race for the Mel Kenyon Midget Series Driving championship as well.

Final Point Standings USSA Mel Kenyon Midget Series Indianapolis Speedrome Challenge: Champion – Travis Young 1313, 2 – Dameron Taylor 1304, 3 – Cordy Horn 1271, 4 – Jessica Bean 1249, 5 – Grant Simpson 1172, 6 – Amanda Davies 1096, 7 – Natasha Cox 1052, 8 – Dave Fuhrman 907, 9 – Spencer Bayston 407, 10 – Sondi Eden 221, 11 – Kyle Tilley 184