King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series hands out over $160,000 in cash & awards during the 2012 championship banquet this past Saturday at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort

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By Gary Thomas

Jackson, CA – November 14, 2012…The King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series presented its annual championship awards banquet on Saturday November 10 at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, where driving champion Jonathan Allard, owner titlist Roth Motorsports and others were honored for their achievements this past season.

During the banquet on Saturday the largest cash point fund in the history of California Sprint Car racing was given out and totaled $121,500 for the top-14 “Members in Good Standing,” who didn’t miss more than two races this season. The championship awards banquet was part of a three day weekend at Jackson Rancheria that featured a fan kickoff party on Friday evening, a car show & model car show on Saturday afternoon and a general business meeting on Sunday morning.

The KWS driving title for Allard was the third of his career with the traveling 410 Sprint Car Series. Although he was unable to attend due to being in New Zealand, car owner Morrie Williams accepted the honor. Allard and Williams walked away with $17,500 from the cash point fund and spoke highly of the teams that compete with KWS and all the people that make it happen.

”This has been such a great year and tough at times, but it sure puts things in perspective,” Allard said in a previously typed speech. “I’m very fortunate to be a part of such a great team. We push so hard to win every time we race and to win championships. I have been given an opportunity to do both, but there is so much more than that with this team. Katie and Morrie Williams have given me the ability to grow as a leader inside the car and out.”

Winning the King of the West Series owner championship for the second year in a row, Roth Motorsports was well represented at the awards banquet on Saturday and took home $20,000 from the cash point fund. One of the biggest rounds of applause during the night came when it was announced that Dennis Roth would be donating out of his championship winnings $5000 to the Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund and $5000 to the Tyler Wolf Memorial Fund.

Roth Motorsports this past season utilized Tim Kaeding and Kyle Hirst for the 17-race schedule and as a team totaled seven main event victories, along with scoring five BR Motorsports Fast Time Awards. “I really want to thank Tim Kaeding & Kyle Hirst for doing a great job with Roth Motorsports this year,” said Dennis Roth. “I also have to thank our whole team, my wife Teresa and Dan Simpson for giving us a great series to run in California.”

For the first time the teams that ranked 15 through 35 in the standings, who missed the cut for the main point fund, were also honored and brought up on stage. They received plaques in appreciation of their support and took part in a secondary point fund. Those on hand included Cody Lamar, Jeff Griffin, Golobic Motorsports, Richard Brace Jr. and Kenny Allen. Along with Peter Murphy, who was representing Scott Parker & Dean Brindle, and Brent Kaeding who was representing BK Racing & Brian Matherly.

The 2012 King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series Rookie of the Year Chad Compton of Fair Oaks was also honored during the night and received a custom plaque from Tim Grant of Grant’s Fine Art, along with certificates from Auto Meter Products Inc., KSE Racing, Winters Racing, Racing Optics, Pro Shocks and Red Devil Brakes. He also went home with a $200 concert package courtesy Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. Compton stated that he’s never had more fun in racing than he had this year with KWS.

The KWS Hard Luck Award this year went to Rio Linda’s Cody Lamar, who suffered through various tough luck all season long. Driving the famed Tri-C No. 3c sprint car Lamar made all but five events this year and as a team they missed just four races with the series. For the award Lamar took home a very unique trophy made by Bob Carter, a $250 detail at Carters Detailing in Chico, along with a certificate for Auto Meter Products Inc. and A.R.T. Manufactured Products in Sacramento.

Each of the top-14 teams also received a custom Bob Olson painted die cast replica of their own sprint car, along with a unique steering wheel trophy. Tim Kaeding and Willie Croft earned the fast time award this season by setting the most BR Motorsports Quick Time efforts in 2012. “TK” and “Double Down” each set three fast times this year and were awarded with custom plaques by Grant’s Fine Art that depicted the honor. Williams Motorsports crew chief Ashley Smith received the crew chief of the year award that featured a custom spark plug trophy. Smith also earned a standing ovation from the packed room.

King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series partner Kaeding Performance gathered some great items for this year’s “Royal Court Drawing,” which saw the top-14 teams/drivers that didn’t miss more than two events during the season take part. Those included Roth Motorsports, Williams Motorsports, Evan Suggs, Brent Kaeding, Peter Murphy, Bobby McMahan (Danielle Simpson filled in for Bobby, who couldn’t attend due to work), Jason Statler, Willie Croft, Andy Gregg, Craig Stidham, Chad Compton, Doug Gandy and Pat Harvey. Prizes in the “Royal Court Drawing” totaled to $15,000.

The major items in the drawing included a Maxim Chassis & Body donated by Kaeding Performance that was powder coated by Hot Coats Powder Coating, in addition to a Red Devil Inboard Brake Kit, a Butler Built seat, a Vortex Wing & Ben Cook Racing Products Wing Tree, a Brown & Miller Racing Solutions Cockpit Hose Kit, a set of four Pro Shocks, a set of SCI Racing Products arms and Pittman Arm, a Maxim set of arms, two sets of FK Rod Ends, a KSE Racing Products Steering Pump, a set of Schoenfeld Headers & Mufflers, an Astro Titanium Nut Stud Kit, a MPD 8×3 Wheel Bead Lock and a Kwik Change Econo Bleeder Kit.

More companies taking part in the drawing included fellow year-long KWS partners Auto Meter Products Inc., Winters Racing, Weld Racing, Flowmaster Muffler, Conroy Control and MPD Racing Products.

The “Royal Court Drawing” utilized the envelope draw that is seen during the KWS Dash at each series event, where the drivers/teams could trade one another at their discretion. Everyone had some fun with it, but when it came down to the last person that got a chance to trade, Dennis Roth’s young grandson Cole decided to swap envelopes with Peter Murphy. As it turned out that was a wise choice & Roth Motorsports claimed the Maxim Chassis & Body donated by Kaeding Performance.

Other giveaways during the night also included those from Van De Pol Distributors; Allied Washoe Petroleum; Western Central Petroleum; Summit Racing Equipment; the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada; Pioneer Crossing Casino in Fernley, Nevada; multiple cases of Pennzoil racing motor oil and Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort goodie bags.

King of the West Series sponsors, officials and staff were also recognized during the night for their support of the KWS season. Other highlights at the banquet included a tribute portion of the night paying respect to Tyler Wolf, Duke McMillen and David Tarter. The event was emceed by George Hague and Gary Thomas, with live entertainment by the Sterling Silver Band on stage. Series Managing Director Dan Simpson spoke highly of all the teams, officials, sponsors and fans on hand, thanking them for their contributions during the King of the West season.

Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund coordinators Ashley Smith and Brent Kaeding put on a terrific silent and live auction that saw nearly $20,000 collected for the benevolent fund. The Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund uses 100% of the funds raised to support the families of drivers, crew members and officials running 410 Sprint Car Series’ in California. We’d like to thank everyone for their support of the auction and give big thanks to Ashley Smith and Brent Kaeding.

KWS Video Productions Manager Brandon Skaggs put together a fabulous video presentation to begin the night, along with great vignettes featuring the top-14 drivers/teams, plus the special awards given out. Special thanks to the staff at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort for being gracious hosts all weekend long. Thank you to the executive chef for the great dinner menu, along with Jackson Rancheria Special Events Director Emily Tirapelle for all her help in organizing the weekend.

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2012 King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series Cash Point Fund Payout

1st place owner- Roth Motorsports $20,000

1st place driver/ 2nd place owner- Jonathan Allard & Williams Motorsports $17,500

2nd place driver/3rd place owner- Evan Suggs $13,500

3rd place/4th place owner- Brent Kaeding $11,000

4th place driver/5th place owner- Peter Murphy $9,500

5th place driver/6th place owner- Bobby McMahan $8,500

6th place driver/7th place owner- Jason Statler $7,500

7th place driver/8th place owner- Willie Croft $6,500

8th place driver/9th place owner- Andy Gregg $5,800

9th place driver/10th place owner- Craig Stidham $5,400

10th place driver/11th place owner- Chad Compton $4,875

11th place driver/12th place owner- Doug Gandy $4,250

12th place driver/14th place owner- Pat Harvey $3,625

13th place driver/13th place owner- Danielle Simpson $3,500