Burkin Wins Can-Am Feature, Love Injured at Tri-City

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Auburn, MI — (June 21, 2013) —

21 starters took the green for the Lane Automotive MTS Sprints first visit to the Tri City Motor Speedway. Mike Burkin of Clyde Ohio started in 8th position but took little time making his way to the front. Using the inside and outside grooves to make passes by the half way point he had caught the early leader of Brett Mann in lapped traffic. The two drivers battled for a couple laps but Brett had nothing for the Ohio native who made his car work on the very slick track. A late caution would bunch up the field and this would allow John Watson to make a last lap pass to take over the 2nd spot. Brett Mann would finish 3rd with Joey Irwin and Joe Bares rounding out the top 5.
Strpko Engineering heat 1 would go to Brett Mann, Hoosier race tire heat 2 would be won by Joe Bares, and the Tri County Equipment heat race 3 would see Chuck Wilson take the Checkers.
Mike Burkin set quick time picking up bonus money along with Mark Strpko and John Gall.
During Heat Race 2 Keith Love and Joe bares made contact sending Keith over onto his rollcage and onto the old paved track off of turn 1. He was transported from the track to near by hospital and is recovering from head injuries.
North Western Auto Machine A main results
1. Mike Burkin 2. John Watson 3. Brett Mann 4. Joey Irwin 5. Joe Bares 6. Steve Irwin 7. Don Smith 8. John Gall 9. Chad Wilson 10. Mike Astrauskas 11. Dick Mahoney  12. Jay Steinabach 13. Mark Irwin 14. Phil Rutledge 15. Chuck Wilson 16. Kevin Hawk 17. Mark Strpko 18. Lucas Smith 19. Tom Davies 20. Chris Pobanz 21. Randy Kreple