Moughan bests field for MOWA win at Montgomery Motorsports Park



New Florence, MO — (June 22, 2013) — Joey Moughan topped a solid field of cars at Montgomery Motorsports Park, Saturday, to become the seventh different MOWA winner in as many races for the series this season.
It was the second appearance of 2013 for MOWA at the track, and this one was dominated by Moughan.
After starting third, Moughan took the lead on lap three and was only challenged by several cautions.
Jerrod Hull, who finished second, tried once to slide the eventual winner on a restart, but it was to no avail. Hull, the two-time and defending MOWA series champion, has yet to win a race in 2013, though he remains the series’ most winning driver. Second is his best finish of the year with the series.
Paul Nienhiser, the youngster out of Chapin, Ill., finished in the third spot after taking second in the dash. Nienhiser is showing marked improvement, as he was a dash winner one week ago at Tri-State Speedway. The third place finish is Nienhiser’s career best with the series.
Not a single red flag slowed the night’s events, which was shared with the Battle of Badges group, which races for charity. All the competitors are police officers, deputies or troopers, and race modified squad cars.
Jimmy Davies picked up his first career MOWA heat race win, as he led every lap of the first heat of the night. He broke a front axle on the second lap of the feature, however, and was relegated to the 20th spot. He recorded his career best MOWA finish during the first trip to Montgomery Motorsports Park earlier this season, when he finished eighth.
A.J. Bruns, who won heat two, kept his streak of fourth or better finishes together, as he ended the feature event in the fourth spot. Bruns, the current MOWA point leader, has two fourths, three thirds, one second and one win on the season. Bruns was the leading passing points qualifier in heat race action, and drew the 8 invert bill, which meant he started at the back of the dash.
MOWA now takes four weeks off and will resume racing action, July 24, as Illinois Sprint Week opens at Highland Speedway. For more information visit
Heat 1: 1. Jimmy Davies, 2. Mike Hess, 3. Jerrod Hull, 4. Paul Nienhiser, 5. Robbie Standridge, 6. Logan Faucon, 7. Vinny Ward.
Heat 2: 1. A.J. Bruns, 2. Jimmy Hurley, 3. Adam Jones, 4. Wade Seiler, 5. Alex Shanks, 6. Curtis Boyer, 7. (DNS) Cory Bruns.
Heat 3: 1. Chris Urish, 2. Joey Moughan, 3. Jeremy Standridge, 4. Ben Wagoner, 5. Ryan Kempin, 6. Brad Graham, 7. Rick Fulks.
Dash: 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Paul Nienhiser, 3. Joey Moughan, 4. Mike Hess, 5. Jimmy Hurley, 6. A.J. Bruns, 7. Chris Urish, 8. Jimmy Davies.
Feature: 1. Joey Moughan, 2. Jerrod Hull, 3. Paul Nienhiser, 4. A.J. Bruns, 5. Mike Hess, 6. Jimmy Hurley, 7. Adam Jones, 8. Ben Wagoner, 9. Jeremy Standridge, 10. Logan Faucon, 11. Robbie Standridge, 12. Ryan Kempin, 13. Wade Seiler, 14. Curtis Boyer, 15. Chris Urish, 16. Alex Shanks, 17. Brad Graham, 18. Rick Fulks, 19. Vinny Ward, 20. Jimmy Davies.