Weller Wins at Delaware

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From Bob Miller


Delmar, DE — (July 20, 2013) — On a hot, hot night at the Delaware International Speedway,  Josh Weller of Mertztown, PA scored his first Rislone URC Sprint Series feature win of the season on Saturday night.  Weller earned $2,200 for the win, including a $200 bonus posted by C&B Mushrooms plus a drum of Viper Venum Racing Fuel.   In the twenty-five lap feature, pole sitter Robbie Stillwaggon was the race leader for the first twenty laps.  Upon completing lap twenty, the top wing detached on the Stillwaggon sprinter entering turn one, forcing the yellow flag to be displayed.   At that point, Weller inherited and held off a late race charge from current point leader Davie Franek.


Three heat race events were presented with victories going to Davie Franek, Robbie Stillwaggon and Kevin Darling.


At the start of the twenty-five lap Rislone Sprint Series feature, the yellow flag was displayed for JR Berry and Kevin Darling who tangled in turn one.    On the restart, Robbie Stillwaggon gunned into the lead with Jonathan Swanson following for the first lap.   By lap two,  Josh Weller was second with Andy Best on the move.      The yellow was displayed on lap two, this time for Jeff Fithian  who spun in turn two.


On the restart, Stillwaggon remained in control followed by Josh Weller, Andy Best,  Dan Mazy and Davie Franek.     As the leaders now were dealing with lapped traffic, Weller started to close in on Stillwaggon and third place runner Andy Best was also closing on the leaders.    A caution flag on lap seven was waiving, this time for Kramer Williamson who was slowing on the speedway.


When green flag racing resumed, Stillwaggon, Weller and Best were the front runners with Mazy and Franek rounding out the top five.   By the halfway point of the race the top four remained the same but now JJ Grasso entered the top five.  Runner-up Josh Weller once again challenged race leader Robbie Stillwaggon and Andy Best was also within striking distance of taking the lead.


As the field passed the line with five laps to go, Stillwaggon was the leader but entering turn one, the top wing on the Stillwaggon sprinter collapsed.   Stillwaggon moved to the high side of the speedway and came to a stop in turn one, displaying the yellow flag.   At the same time, Dan Mazy who was delivering his best ride of the season stopped in turn three.   Stillwaggon and Mazy were unable to restart the feature.


Weller inherited the lead followed by Best, JJ Grasso, Davie Franek and Ryan Bohlke.    With the green flag waiving, Weller was on point for the double-file restart and brought the field down for the green flag.  Runner-up Davie Franek took a run a race leader Josh Weller but the pass was not going to happen in the closing laps.  With the checker flag waiving, Weller took the win, his first of the season and sixth career victory with URC.  Davie Franek finished second followed by JJ Grasso, Andy Best and eight time URC Champion Curt Michael finished fifth.


FEATURE FINISH:  Josh Weller, Davie Franek, JJ Grasso, Andy Best, Curt Michael, Chad Trout, Kevin Darling, Art Liedl, Randy West, Ed Aikin, Ryan Bohlke, Scott Lutz, JR Berry, Jimmy Reppert, Jeff Fithian, Robbie Stillwaggon, Dan Mazy, Steve Downs, Denny Garl, Kramer Williamson, Jonathan Swanson, Cameron Darling.  DNS- -Troy Betts

Heat Winners:  Davie Franek, Robbie Stillwaggon, Kevin Darling

Fast Time:  Davie Franek

Fred’s Trailer Parts Hard Charger:  JJ Grasso  Advanced 14 spots