Bright Wins ARDC Feature at Williams Grove


Mechanicsburg, PA — (September 6, 2013) — Alex Bright, driving the Lightcap Electric #77 owned by his grandfather, Joe Hemler, electrified the full field of ARDC midgets as they concluded their third race of the season at the Williams Grove Speedway. Bright went to the point early in the race and never looked back as he raced more than three seconds ahead of second place finisher, Trevor Kobylarz and the rest of the field.

Polesitter, Kobylarz took the lead on the original start as rookie, Tony DiMattia took over second. Bright, who started sixth on the grid, quickly raced his way to third. On just the second lap, Bright took second from DiMattia and then used the outside to drive by Kobylarz as they raced to the line.

There was three wide racing in turn two as Steve Buckwalter and Steven Drevicki were on the move into the top five. Buckwalter and Drevicki moved into fourth and fifth respectively on lap four. Sprint car driver, Ryan Wilson, was up to sixth with just five laps scored. Wilson was behind the wheel of the Heistand #12 for the second week in a row as he and Drew Heistand have been sharing their rides in the sprints and midgets. Wilson started fifteenth and was knocking on the door for a top five spot with just five laps scored but a broken oil line took him out of contention on the next circuit.

With Bright well out in front, the race was on between Buckwalter and Drevicki who raced side by side for fourth, trading the position back and forth as each driver held the position at a different point on the track. At the crossed flags, Bright raced in his own zip code with Kobylarz in second followed by DiMattia, Buckwalter and Drevicki. Billy Pauch Jr. sat just outside the top five as Tim Buckwalter was making advances by running the outside line.

S. Buckwalter moved up to third on lap eleven. Drevicki began to fall back as he experienced electrical issues with his DeGre Engineering #19. Pauch moved into fifth with T. Buckwalter now sixth.

After a spin on lap two, Ryan Watt, driving for Glen Good & Dave Shirk’s RAACE Foundation #16w, was on the move. Watt drove past T. Buckwalter to take over sixth as the laps counted down.

Bright, whose lead was stretched to more than four seconds at one point in the race, was uneffected by the lapped traffic that he dealt with as the laps counted down. Bright was on a rail as he sailed ahead to his third win of the 2013 season – just one behind his record of a year ago. Kobylarz finished second with Steve Buckwalter in third. DiMattia, who raced without brakes for much of the feature, held off Pauch for fourth. Pauch finished fifth despite a last lap challenge by Watt as they raced to the checkered flag.

Bright, Drevicki and Steve Buckwalter were the heat winners. Kyle Lick was the Hyper Hard Charger of the race, driving from 27th to finish 9th at the checkered after mechancal issues sidelined him from the first heat.

Twenty-eight midgets signed in for the night of racing.

As the 2013 season winds down, the excitement builds as ARDC moves into their final three events of the season. Next stop is the New Egypt Speedway on September 21st.

Finish (20 laps)
1. Alex Bright 2. Trevor Kobylarz 3. Steve Buckwalter 4. Tony DiMattia 5. Billy Pauch, Jr. 6. Ryan Watt 7. Tim Buckwalter 8. Ryan Greth 9. Kyle Lick 10. Shawn Jackson 11. Billy Courtwright 12. Steve Craig 13. Steven Bull 14. Joe Butera 15. Brian Gilmore 16. Jamie Speers 17. Brett Wanner 18. Jason Rice 19. Greg Fitzpatrick 20. Steven Drevicki 21. PJ Gargiulo 22. Ryan Wilson 23. Drew Heistand 24. Jim Radney 25. Brett Arndt

September 7, 2013 Feature Finishes:

Super Sportsman ( 33 Cars ):

1) 318 Chris Meleason 2) 222 Jay Fannasy 3) 55c Chad Criswell 4) 32 Gregg Foster 5) 30 Scott Dellinger 6) 77 Russ Mitten 7) 99 Frankie Herr 8) 33 Scott Geesey 9) 17 Steve Wilbur 10) 1 Paul Miller 11) 1J Kevin Nouse 12) 8 Rich Eichelberger 13) 21 Leroy Martin 14) 11 Steve Fannasy ( SprintAces Hard Charger ) 15) 75 Kenny Edkin 16) 2 Chad Trout 17) 3B Mike Enders 18) 77w Tom Wyckoff 19) 7 Todd Leonard 20) 91 Lanny Hake 21) 25 Bobby Hockenberry 22) 43 Doug Dodson 23) 69 Mallie Shuster 24) 93 Carmen Perigo Jr.

DNQ: 29 Duaine Smith, 20 Eric Eckert, 57G Geoff Gill, 18 David Conrad Jr., 44 Jaremi Hanson, 5 Dave Berkheimer, 20w Davey Walsh, 64 Stan Wanner, 00 Rick Barr