Culp Wins at Cotton Bowl

From Cotton Bowl Speedway

Paige, TX — (March 1st, 2014) — After a nights worth of action the 2nd Annual Showdown came down to the money night for the Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, CBS Street Stocks and CBS Stocks. Johnny Sheets took the win in the Modified qualifier, while Mike Wagner was first to the finish line in the Sport Modified qualifier. Mike Degroot and Tim Homeyer grabbed pole position starting spots from the CBS Stock and CBS Street Stock qualifiers.

In total, up to the top 12 from each of Friday nights qualifiers were locked into Saturday nights shows. All remaining drivers, and any newcomers would have a last shot to make the fields for Saturday nights finale and payday. The IMCA Hobby Stocks, and Racesaver Sprints competed in a full show on Saturday, consisting of heats and features.

Up for grabs tonight was $1,000 to win for the Modifieds and Sport Modifieds, $750 to win for the CBS Street Stocks and Racesaver Sprints, and $500 to win for the IMCA Hobby Stocks and CBS Stocks.

A huge field of 38 Racesaver Sprint Cars signed in running under the Southern United Sprint Series banner with a 20-car field taking the green for tonight’s A-main. Fourteen cars transferred out the heat race through passing points, with 3 more making the show from each B-main.

Culp Cashes in for Sprint Sweep
Raven Culp(Mesquite) picked up the nightly sweep in the Southern United Sprint Series feature taking home wins in the heat and feature. Culp chased Brandon Corn early in the 25-lapper as the lead duo diced through traffic. Corn bobbled once coming off turn 2 giving Culp the opening to jump by for the top spot. Once out front, Culp put his Kustom Crafts Exhibits, Outlaw Wings, Allard Race Engines, J&J Chassis in the wind to snag the win.

As the 20-car field roared to life Corn and Culp took off while Caleb Martin tried a move on Jonathon Danley for third. Corn began looking for an opening first trying the high side, before giving Corn a look low. The leaders ran up on traffic by lap 8 with Culp hanging on to Corn’s tail tank.

As they came to the crossed flags Corn was still holding off Culp, with Danley, Martin and Kody Adams in the top five. As corn was forced low in traffic he got loose on the bottom giving Culp a run up top to take the lead. Culp then pulled away, while Nathan Hamburg, who started dead last, made his way up to sixth.

Tyler Neubaum spun in turn 4 with the leaders bearing down for the first caution on lap 15. As the old saying goes, cautions bread cautions. This would be no exception as Jacob Lucas slapped the wall on the restart doing a couple end-overs before landing on his wheels. He was checked out by EMS and was alright.

On the next restart, Neubaum spun again ending his night. Culp jumped ahead back under green, but Adams ran up the back of Hamburg sending him around. Hamburg was given his spot back while Adams was sent, reluctantly, to the tail. Adams tried to challenge the call, and was sent to the pits.

As green finally waved again, Corn tried a slide job on Culp, but couldn’t complete it falling back in behind the leader. John Whitworth jr. slammed hard into the turn 1 wall bringing out a second red flag. Whitworth jr. was dazed after the hard hit and his car pretty much destroyed.

During the red, Danley in third position had his left rear go soft, but was able to continue on as the race resumed. Culp quickly put some distance on Corn while Hamburg challenged Martin for fourth. Culp had it on cruise the final laps as he raced to the checkers, with Hamburg getting past Martin for the spot.

Racesaver Southern United Sprints
3c Raven Culp, 30 Brandon Corn, 4 Jonathon Danley, 38 Nathan Hamburg, 51 Caleb Martin, 18m Bobby Middleton , 00 Dustin Woods, b51 Johnny Brown, 22L Kent Lewis sr., 94 Drew Wright, 1 Randy Allen, 7x Derek Begnaud, 29 Robert Doak, 91 John Whitworth jr., 11 Bruce Bridges, 9 Tyler Neubaum , 57 Jacob Lucas, v8 Robert Vetter, 10 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 16 Kody Adams—DQ(unsportsmanlike conduct)

Racesaver Southern United Sprint B-mains(Top 3 to A-main)
B-main 1; 94 Drew Wright, 29 Robert Doak, V8 Robert Vetter, 1x Marty Hargroder , 7h Steve Hamilton , 19 Steven Elliott, 14 Ray Caitlin, 8 Billy Crockett , 5b Trevor Barr, 99 Todd Jouett, 73 Billy Cramer—DNS, 85 Adam Barr—DNS

B-main 2; 57 Jacob Lucas, 1 Randy Allen, 38 Nathan Hamburg, 76 Daniel King, 28H Mark Harris , 45 James Foster, 24 Eddie Townsend , 85x Jared Brown, 2 Shane Freeman, 92 John Whitworth sr., 7 Rod Craddock

Racesaver Southern United Sprint heats(Top 14 in passing points)
Heat 1; 51 Caleb Martin, 22L Kent Lewis sr, 57 Jacob Lucas, 2 Shane Freeman, 28H Mark Harrison, 19 Steven Elliott, 5b Trevor Barr, 92 John Whitworth sr., 38 Nathan Hamburg —DQ(did not scale)

Heat 2; 3c Raven Culp, 91 John Whitworth jr, 7x Derek Begnaud, 16 Kody Adams, 1 Randy Allen, R4J Clark Warren, v8 Robert Vetter, 85x Jared Brown, 73 Billy Cramer

Heat 3; 18m Bobby Middleton, 30 Brandon Corn, 11 Bruce Bridges, 00 Dustin Woods, 7H Steve Hamilton, 94 Drew Wright, 7 Rod Craddock, 14 Ray Catlin, 99 Todd Jouett—DNS

Heat 4; 10 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 4 Jonathon Danley, 9 Tyler Neubaum, B51 Johnny Brown, 1x Marty Hargroder, 76 Daniel King, 29 Robert Doak, 8 Billy Crockett, 24 Eddie Townsend, 45 James Foster, 85 Adam Barr

McGuire Masterful for Modified Main Money
Belton’s Pat McGuire wasn’t satisfied with his second place finish on Friday night and had it set up on kill for Saturday’s A-main. McGuire jumped front and never looked back as he ran flag to flag in the race that was cut by five lap laps when rain started. McGuire, in his McGuire Truck & Trailer, CAM Chassis, was able to build leads on Friday’s qualifier winner, Johnny Sheets on each restart.

As the 20-car field took the green McGuire, Sheets and Mike McCarthy were three wide going into turn 1. McGuire blasted off turn 2 with lead, but a three car tangle in turn 4 quickly slowed the action. The second try was a carbon copy of the first going three abreast into turn 1, but someone lost a few racecar parts to slow the action again.

The third time was the charm as McGuire out-hustled the field into turn 1 this time. Sheets, McCarthy, Joe Spillman and Terry Woodall fell in line behind him. It wasn’t long until McGuire started stretching out his advantage while Spillman and Woodall got by McCarthy for third and fourth. After a quick yellow for more debris, McGuire built his lead coming to halfway with Sheets, Spillman, Woodall and Brad Smith trailing.

During a caution for a spin by Donald Banker, Woodall retired from third and a light rain began to fall. Officials cut the race to fifteen, leaving five laps remaining. McGuire quickly eased ahead, while McCarthy tried low on Smith for fourth. McGuire ran the last five circuits unchallenged to grab the checkers and $1,000 pay day.

9 Pat McGuire, 96 Johnny Sheets, 44 Joe Spillman, 88s Brad Smith, 117 Jimmy Tidwell, 89t Danny Turner, 120 Mike McCarthy , 16 Carson Bednarz, 17 Joey Whitehead , 20 Clint Warren, 27 Marlin Samford , 35 Wayne Walker, 37b Donald Banker, 34 Randy Harrison, 29w Mark Warren, 32 Robert Stewart, 77 Robert Liese jr, 3 Terry Woodall , 10 Corey Samford , 31 Doyle Massa, 63 Hardy Henderson—DNS

Modified B-main(To set A-main)
B-main 1; 117 Jimmy Tidwell, 77 Robert Liese jr, 34 Randy Harrison , 17 Joey Whitehead, 35 Wayne Walker, 31 Doyle Massa, 10 Corey Samford , 32 Robert Stewart, 37b Donald Banker, 29 Jamie Campbell—DNS

Jennings Jammin in Sport Mod Main
Corpus Christi’s JJ Jennings had to settle for second in Friday’s qualifier, but Saturday was a new night. Jennings had one thing on his mind, finish first. Jennings wired the field in the 20-lap A-main holding last nights winner, Mike Wagner at bay in his Skip and Cheryl Gray owned, Big Dog Motorsports, Grays Recycling, ASI Powered, Express Chassis.

Getting the 23-car Sport Modified field under green was as tough as the previous night with a multi-car stack in turn 4 coming to green. When green did wave it was Jennings getting out first trailed by Wagner, Vince Louden, David Meredith and Carl McBride.

The top two pulled away while Meredith pressured Louden for third and an eight car pack formed for fifth. Clay Bischel emerged from that pack with the spot. The yellow waved on lap 6 when Ryan Doyon spun and collected his cousin, Robbie Minten. On the restart Louden got around Wagner for third as Bischel took fourth from Meredith and Johnny Torres made his way up to seventh.

After another yellow, Louden tried to dive low on Jennings for the lead, but ended up giving second back to Wagner, while Torres cracked the top five. At the crossed flags it was Jennings, Wagner, Louden, Bischel and Torres in the top five. Torres then moved along side Bischel, while Talon Minten and Mickey Helms closed on that pair.

After a side by side battle, Torres took the spot a lap later and was now putting the heat on Louden for third. With five to go Jennings had a comfortable lead, with Wagner having a gap to Louden and Torres and T. Minten and Helms getting by Bischel. Jennings was able to hold the margin easily taking the win unchallenged at the line.

Sport Modified
BD2 JJ Jennings, Qwik 1 Mike Wagner, 6 Vince Louden, BD1 Johnny Torres, 14t Talon Minten, 174 Mickey Helms, 79 David Meredith , 6p Clay Bischel, 99 James Holder, 12r Randy Weatherford , 15 Carl McBride, 22 Art Rodriguez , 9r Ray Doyon III, 4 Johnny Brown, 66y Randy Yount, 54 Shay Davis, 202 Scott Stubbs, 24 Robbie Minten, 123 Mike Gray , 10 Brandon Prewitt , 5r Ryan Doyon, c3 Chris Birmingham, 82 Anthony Monroe, 5 Jimmy Kemp—DNS

“I knew if I got the jump on the start, the high line would be the place to be,” said Jennings. “I think we had two or three restart and each time I wase to get by him and I never saw him again. I was sure if I got to the top first I could stay out front.”

“I haven’t raced with him(Wagner) that much and I don’t recall where he likes to run here. I thought the whole if I just get the jump on him at the start, then just keep it straight, and going forward that I would be alright.”

“They made the track a lot wider tonight for the Sprint Cars. Last night was kind of brutal with some of the holes and ruts, but tonight they got it a lot better. There were still a few rough spots, but it was raceable. I think they cleaned up the top pretty good tonight.”

“I’ll be back in my car next weekend for the Texas World Dirt Track Championship race at Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. We’re looking forward to going up there and hopefully getting one of those cowboy hats. I told my wife that it’s the only cowboy hat I’ll ever wear. If I get one I’m never going to take it off.”

“I’ve got to thank Skip and Cheryl Gray. They bought my car from last year and said if I don’t race my new car, they’ll hook up and tow this car wherever we want to go. Their pit Jimmy is a big help, he’ll do anything you need him to do.”

Sport Modified B-mains(To set A-main)
B-main 1; 123 Mike Gray, 14t Talon Minten, 10 Brandon Prewitt, 12r Roly Rodriguez , 24r Robbie Minten, 66y Randy Yount, 82 Anthony Monroe, 99 James Holder, c3 Chris Birmingham, 5 Jimmy Kemp, 54 Shay Davis, 202 Scott Stubbs, 53 Edward Oakes—DNS, 10d Don Painter—DNS, 11 Tom Grothues—DNS, 66 Hunt Harrison—DNS

Oliver Outruns Dancer for IMCA Hobby Stock win
Jeremy Oliver(Robinson) took home the hardware and winnings in the 15-lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Oliver, who drifted too high at the start of the race, gave up the lead to AJ Dancer. Oliver fought back and took the top spot from Dancer on lap 2 with Andy Roller closing in on both.

Dancer tried to hang with Oliver, but Oliver eased away as Roller caught Dancer and took the spot. As Oliver increased his lead Roller and Dancer continued their scrap for second. Dancer took the spot in the final laps, but Oliver was long gone on his way to the victory.

IMCA Hobby Stocks
82 Jeremy Oliver, 52 AJ Dancer, 63 Andy Roller, 21 Danny Brown, 21b Gary Brown, 38 Matt Bice—DNS

IMCA Hobby Stock heats
Heat 1; 82 Jeremy Oliver, 52 AJ Dancer, 21 Danny Brown, 63 Andy Roller, 21b Gary Brown, 38 Matt Bice

Priem Pockets Street Stock Pay Day
Caldwell’s Nic Priem was in the right spot at the right time to pick up the honors in the CBS Street Stock feature. Priem took advantage of some contact on a restart between early leader Leland Waddell and Mike Degroot to move out front. From there Priem was able to hold off Degroot in his Carquest, Ford Thunderbird to pick up the pay day.

Waddell jumped way out as green waved on the 20-lap, 12-car feature chased by Degroot, Gary Harris, Sam Blacklock while Priem and Derek Ishler ran door to door. Waddell quickly started motoring away from Degroot and Harris, side by side for second and Priem up to fourth.

Harris was to take the spot with Priem hanging Degroot behind a lapped to take third. At the midway point it was Waddell, Harris, Priem, Degroot and Blacklock. Harris had troubles and slowed from second, rolling to a stop in turn 3. On the restart Waddell got a bit sideways in turn 3 and got tapped by Degroot. This gave Priem the opportunity to jump into the lead.

Waddell was forced to pit giving up his top three spot. Degroot kept the pressure on Priem throughout the final laps. Degroot would show him the nose going low into the corners, but Priem would use momentum up top to hang on to the lead and hold Degroot off to grab the victory.

CBS Street Stocks
17 Nic Priem , 13 Chad McLean, 21 Mike Degroot, 6m Mark Gallagher , 03 Derek Ishler, 7 Brian Kubiak, 12r Randy Weatherford , 97 Sam Blacklock , 31 Jeff Hendricks, 28 Leland Waddell , 04 Nathan Robbins, 2 Gary Harris , 110 Zach Riley—DNS

Meredith Motors to CBS Stock Money
Bryan Meredith made a late race pass on Tim Homeyer pay off as he scored the victory in the 20-lap CBS Stock Car feature. Meredith caught early leader Homeyer, then used a lapped car as a pick to sneak past for the lead. From There Meredith held on in the Texas Pro Solutions, Larry Darity, Meredith Race Engines Chevy for the win.

Fridays winner, Tim Homeyer jumped into the lead as the 13-car CBS Stock Car feature took the green pursued by Robert Danielson, John Matula, Meredith and Paul Smith. Meredith got by Matula for third as Jeremy Hernandez moved past Smith for fifth. Hernandez continued moving forward getting around Matula while Meredith snagged second from Danielson.

By halfway Hernandez had taken third from Danielson, while Steve Sims moved into the top five after starting in the back. Hernandez run to the front ended with five to go when his car had trouble forcing him to pull off from third.

Meredith had closed to Homeyer’s bumper as they ran up on traffic. Using a lapped car, Meredith was able to get past Homeyer for the lead on lap 17. From there he was able to keep Homeyer in his mirror as he ran the final laps to the checkers.

CBS Stocks
30 Bryan Meredith, 8* Tim Homeyer , 87 Robert Danielson , 58 Steve Sims, OK Thomas Bennett, 73 John Matula, 88 Brandy Peyton, z66 Cheryl Gray, 32/51 Patricia Lucas, 9 Tim Fiedler, 77 Jason Dismuke, 6p Jeremy Hernandez, 33 Paul Smith, 0* Bryan Mayeux—DNS, 10c Karaline Campbell—DNS, 8k Krystal Acton—DNS, 27 Jason Liechtner—DNS

Racing continues at Cotton Bowl Speedway next weekend with the official start to the 2014 points season for IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sport Mods, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks, plus the CBS Street Stock and CBS Stock Cars. For more info visit