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Delmar, DE — (March 3, 2014) — Dan Mazy of Lyons Station, PA is counting the days until the URC Rislone URC Sprint Series opener. Advancing from the Big Diamond Speedway Road Runner division to the modifieds, Dan was ready for the transition to the sprints. “I always wanted to race sprint cars and it seemed like the best way to get their was making the change from the modifieds to the URC Sprints”, said Mazy who is a Job Foreman at AGM Timber Service. In 2012, Mazy made his start with URC and today, he is a top contender for any event.

“In 2014 we plan to do a lot of racing and we currently have fifteen to twenty URC events on our schedule. We will race without the wing as much as possible this year and we do plan to compete in the Kings Royal and the Canadian Nationals,” added Mazy.

Sponsorship plays a key role with the Mazy X Race Team and includes sponsorship support from AGM Timber Service, Dead-A-Head Designs, Getz Service Station. Slick Racing Products, Champion Racing Oils, Wix Filters, and Camp Canada.

“When I’m on the track, I don’t really worry about the competitors but just focus on the cars that I need to pass”. Mazy continued to say, “I enjoy racing with all the guys and I feel there are very good racers in URC and for the most part, everybody respects one another and we all travel up and down the road together as a family”.

“I think to have multiple feature wins during the URC season just takes a little luck, a solid car and a confident driver”. Mazy added, “Last season we had guys hit hot streaks and rip off a few wins then struggle to finish races. It’s a tough deal going to different tracks every week. At the same time that’s what makes it fun”.

When asked about how to win a championship, Mazy was quick to say, “I think to win a championship you have to just try and win every time you hit the track. We chased a championship twice at New Egypt in a sportsman and when you become obsessed with that it hurts you. Racing is about reaction you can’t afford to over think it. In my opinion the best thing to do it try to maximize every opportunity you have on the track and keep it fun.”

“We are a low dollar operation so my goals change week to week. When we head to races with 50 plus cars and the best guys are there with tons of experience, my goal is to qualify and gain experience racing with those guys and learn. When we head to places I have laps at and I am comfortable, I want to win. All and all, the most important goal is to have fun”. Mazy continued to say, “A guy asked me recently what I want out if my career in racing and I had to think for a minute. My reply was to make memories that will last my life time, never be afraid to go and try, never say to my self I wish I woulda’ shoulda’ coulda’ and have fun doing it”.

On Saturday night, August 30 at the Delaware International Speedway, URC’s legendary driver Kramer Williamson will be remembered with the Kramer Williamson Memorial. As a tribute to Kramer Williamson, who lost his life in August of 2013 in a racing mishap at the Lincoln Speedway. This event will be presented in his honor. Johnny Zimmerman is running a campaign to collect $73 for each of the twenty-five laps and $73 for each feature starting position. Laps and positions for this event may be purchased by contacting Johnny Zimmerman at 302 423 2351 or by e-mail at zim19@aol.com.

URC’s opening day race is set for Friday night, April 11 with a non-point race at the Carolina Speedway followed by a Saturday night stop at the Lancaster Speedway in Lancaster, SC. The first point race of the Rislone URC Sprint Series will take place on Saturday night, April 19 at the Selinsgrove Speedway.


RISLONE URC Sprint Series Schedule

Friday, April 11 Carolina Speedway/Gastonia, NC (NP)

Saturday, April 12 Lancaster Speedway/Lancaster, SC (NP)

Saturday, April 19 Selinsgrove Speedway

Friday, April 25 Big Diamond Raceway

Friday, May 2 Big Diamond Raceway (Rain Date)

Saturday, May 10 Selinsgrove Speedway Jack Gunn Memorial $3,500 To Win

Friday, May 16 Bedford Speedway

Saturday, May 17 Delaware International Speedway

Sunday, May 25 Grandview Speedway (2 Features)

Monday, May 26 Grandview Speedway (Rain Date)

Wednesday, June 4 Lincoln Speedway MACH 1 Super Series

Friday, June 6 Williams Grove Speedway MACH 1 Super Series

Friday, June 13 Potomac Speedway

Saturday, June 14 Winchester VA Speedway

Saturday, June 21 Grandview Speedway

Friday, June 27 Bedford Speedway

Saturday, June 28 Selinsgrove Speedway

Saturday, July 26 Selinsgrove Speedway

Friday, August 1 Williams Grove Speedway Rislone Nationals $4,000 to win

Saturday, August 9 Selinsgrove The Kramer Cup

Friday, August 22 Williams Grove Speedway

Saturday, August 23 Port Royal Speedway

Friday, August 29 Hagerstown Speedway

Saturday, August 30 Delaware International Speedway Kramer Williamson Memorial

Saturday, September 27 Selinsgrove MACH 1 $8,000 to Win

Friday, October 3 Carolina Speedway/Gastonia, NC

Saturday, October 4 Cherokee Speedway/Gaffney, SC

Saturday, October 18 Grandview Speedway Feature Only

(NP) Non-Point Races

For more information, please visit our website at: www.urcsprints.com