Bradford and Kingshott Win at Perth

Perth Motorplex
Perth Motorplex

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Perth, AU — (March 15, 2014) — Shaun Bradford finally got the monkey off his back and claimed another feature race…and what a race it was, spanking the field in the 30-lap Sprintcar Westernapolis at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

He crossed the line 4.691 seconds ahead of David Priolo and Cameron Gessner with most of the race running non-stop with drivers trading countless high-speed slide jobs at both ends of the track.

Bradford started from P3 but signalled his intentions early on, hassling pole sitter Jamie Maiolo before checking out and putting in a powerhouse display in heavy lapped traffic.

Bradford said he had to be careful in lapped traffic and not make silly mistakes early with a cool head paying dividends.

He knew he had the car speed used it to his advantage, rewarding the decision to nominate late after not having a good run in the Speedcar the previous night.

“The track was awesome,” Bradford said.

Priolo started from P6 and was very vast early on, saying it was a good finish to a tough night.

“We have had everything go wrong tonight,” he said.

Gessner, who started from P5, did well to get on the podium.

“We dropped a cylinder on that first restart,” Gessner said.

“I was not able to get up on the top to make speed.

“I just had to keep driving…third place is a good start to our title defence.”

Jamie Maiolo wasn’t able to take advantage of pole position and finished fourth but dropped even further back at one stage and was locked in a great duel with brother Brad.

Lee Nash, who came out of P10 enjoyed a great start to set up his top five finish.

Mark Wells, who started from P7 and dropped back to ninth at one stage took full advantage of an incident that saw Jason Kendrick cut a left rear tyre and Brad Maiolo get baulked, quickly making up two spots.

Former national champion James McFadden was on Wells’ tail at the end of the race but had to settle for seventh with Brad Maiolo, Daniel Harding and Luke Dillon rounding out the top 10.

Ryan Lancaster, who claimed the Rogue Race Products Quick Time award at the start of the show, then suffered plenty of damage in his first heat.

The team thrashed hard to get the #20 machine ready for the main event and he was well rewarded with 13th.


Dayne Kingshott juggernaut continues after the young gun won the WA Speedcar Championship that was held over 25 non-stop laps, winning from Mark Brown and Scott Glazebrook.

He started on the pole for the main event and never looked back, claiming another big win in what has been a breakout season for the driver of the #24 machine.

Kingshott started his two-night campaign with a second in his first heat on Friday night before claiming the second heat and then the preliminary feature race over 20 laps.

On Saturday night he had another heat win and also the pole shuffle to set up the final and a near-faultless weekend of racing.

“That is just awesome, the car was on rails again,” Kingshott said.

“I knew it would be (a good race) I think the lapped cars might have him (Brown) a little.

“We are low budget team and it is just good to have people behind us.

“I think we have been the quickest car here all year.”

Having not been in the race seat for 12 weeks robbed Brown of some race fitness.

“I fell out of the seat again,” Brown said.

He also lamented getting baulked by a lapped car in the latter stages of the race.

“That lapped car killed me big time.”

Brown paid tribute to Kingshott.

“He is one fire…he is the man to beat.

“I just need to get a bit of fitness, it definitely helps if you are fit.”

Glazebrook was all smiles with his podium result.

“Yeah we are stoked,” Glazebrook said.

“The guys gapped us a bit at the start.

“The track was awesome, it was pretty much wide open all the way around.

“Well done to Dayne, he has been good all year.”



Qualifying: Group 1: Shaun Bradford 15.842, Jamie Maiolo 15.983, Cameron Gessner 16.026, Daniel Harding 16.142, Callum Williamson 16.425, Damian Blacka 16.770.

Group 2: Brad Maiolo 14.945, Luke Dillon 14.983, David Priolo 15.100, Jeff Leisk 15.788, David Scofield 17.155, Jason Boland 17.958.

Group 3: Jason Kendrick 14.992, Lee Nash 15.162, Ben Butcher 15.641, Jason Pryde 15.712, Scott Reilly 15.774, Taylor Milling 16.086.

Group 4: 1st Ryan Lancaster 14.516, James McFadden 14.847, Mark Wells 14.855, Kye Scroop 15.095, Russell Taylor 15.378, Liam Dowling 16.317.

Heat 1: 1st Liam Dowling, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Jason Boland, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Scott Reilly, 6th Jeff Leisk, 7th Jason Kendrick, 8th Ben Butcher, 9th Luke Dillon, 10th Shaun Bradford, 11th James McFadden, 12th Kye Scroop.

Heat 2: 1st Taylor Milling, 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Mark Wells, 5th David Priolo, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th David Schofield, 9th Brad Maiolo. DNF: Damian Blacka, Ryan Lancaster and Russell Taylor.

Heat 3: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd Luke Dillon, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th David Priolo, 5th Ben Butcher, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th Jeff Leisk, 9th Taylor Milling. DNF: Scott Reilly, Jason Boland. DNS: David Schofield.

Heat 4: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd James McFadden, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Mark Wells, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th 8ye Scroop, 9th Liam Dowling, 10th Damian Blacka.  DNS: Ryan Lancaster and Russell Taylor.

Final: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Mark Wells, 7th James McFadden, 8th Brad Maiolo, 9th Daniel Harding, 10th Luke Dillon, 11th Kye Scroop, 12th Jason Pryde, 13th Ryan Lancaster, 14th Jason Boland, 15th Callum Williamson, 16th Jeff Leisk, 17th Liam Dowling: DNF: Ben Butcher, Jason Kendrick, David Scofield, Scott Reilly, Taylor Milling: DNS: Damian Blacka and Russell Taylor.

The Pool Shop Speedcars

Heat 5: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Scott Glazebrook, 3rd Travis White, 4th Lee Redmond, 5th Alfonso Guadagnino, 6th Brett Thomas, 7th Chris Telenta, 8th Phil Tremeer, 9th Phillip Jeffreys.

Heat 6: 1st Mark Brown, 2nd Vaughan Manders, 3rd Jamie McKinley, 4th Neville Lance, 5th Glen Mears, 6th Paul Robinson. DNF: David Perry.

Pole Shuffle: Brett Thomas d Alfonso Guadagnino. Brett Thomas d Scott Glazebrook. Mark Brown d Brett Thomas. Dayne Kingshott d Mark Brown.

Final: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Mark Brown, 3rd Scott Glazebrook, 4th Lee Redmond, 5th Daniel Golding, 6th Brett Thomas, 7th Travis White, 8th Vaughan Manders, 9th Glen Mears, 10th Neville Lance, 11th Jamie McKinley, 12th Alfonso Guadagnino, 13th Paul Robinson, 14th Phil Tremeer, 15th Philip Jeffreys. DNF: Chris Telenta, Rob Golding. DNS: David Perry.