Copland Wins at Stockton

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Stockton, CA — (June 20, 2014) — Colby Copland won the 360 sprint car feature Friday night at the Stockton Dirt Track. Andy Gregg, Rico Abreu, Mason Moore, and Chase Johnson rounded out the top five.

Feature: 1. Colby Copland, 2. Andy Gregg, 3. Rico Abreu, 4. Mason Moore, 5. Chase Johnson, 6. Jimmy Trulli, 7. Scott Parker, 8. Luca Romanazzi, 9. Nick Davis, 10. steven Kent., 11Billy Butler, 12. Nick McCullough, 13. Chris Masters, 14. Chris Magoon. DNF: Alissa Geving, Landon Hurst, Cory Eliason, Shawn Wright, Mike Schott, Andy Forsberg, Heath Dunkierken,