Kyle Simon Wins at Waynesfield

Kyle Simon. - Jan Dunlap Photo
Kyle Simon. - Jan Dunlap Photo
Kyle Simon. – Jan Dunlap Photo

From Waynesfield Raceway Park

Waynesfield, OH — (July 5, 2014) — Fireworks from the Indian Lake 4th of July celebration lit up the sky Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio as the weekend warriors returned for a shot at added another piece of hardware to their garage trophy case.  Fans in the stands waved American flags in honor of the countries 238th birthday as drivers reached back and tightened their belts one last time before the green flag flew.  Younger fans in attendance had the opportunity to participate in a cardboard car contest showing off their creativity and love for racing.  Prizes were awarded to all participants as well as some boisterous fans in the stands.  Fans were treated with a great night of racing seeing first time winners and weekly dominators in victory lane.

The 25 lap Buckeye Machine Non Wing A-main pushed off next with two young drivers, Dallas Hewitt and Luke Hall, leading the field to the green flag.  Hewitt would take the top spot early moving Hall back to second.  The field came to an abrupt halt when Lee Underwood and Tim Calicoat got together sending Calicoat upside down.  Track officials rushed to the scene to find Calicoat responsive to their questions.  First responders determined that Calicoat needed medical attention as a precaution and elected to airlift him from the speedway.  Tim’s wife Leslie informed officials that her husband was being transported only as a precaution to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton.  At the time of this release, no updates on his condition are available.  Waynesfield officials wish Tim a speedy recovery and ask members of the racing community to keep him and his family in their thoughts and prayers.  After an extended delay, racing resumed with Dallas Hewitt once again beating Luke Hall on the restart.  Mike Dunlap in the 2B was a silent challenger who began to get boisterous as he made a move around Hall for second.  A move for the lead was cut short when the 87 of Paul Dues spun in turn four.  On the restart, Dunlap put some pressure on Hewitt again.  Hewitt took the pressure well as he began to pull away from the lead.  Near the halfway point, cars came to another dead stop when three cars got together with one going upside down.  Travis Hery and Cooper Clouse made contact sending Paul Dues airborne.  Dues climbed out of the 87 under his own power.  Both Clouse and Hery were running inside the top ten at the time of the crash.  Clouse would return to the race after a quick pitstop.  Another silent competitor made himself known on the restart as he powered through the lead pack for the top spot.  The 19 of Jimmy Snead posted the fastest lap of anyone in the 25 lap feature ten laps into the event.  The race would go caution free for the remainder with several lead changes and battles between Hewitt and Snead.  Mike Dunlap challenged Snead for second causing both of them to shuffle back.  This shuffle allowed Kyle Simon to make a run for the lead.  His run was successful in the closing laps granting him a one way ticket to Best Performance Motorsports Victory Lane.  Dallas Hewitt, who led a majority of the laps, finished in second.  Mike Dunlap beat out Jimmy Snead for a third place finish.  Kent Wolters in the 12 picked up the hard charger award.


Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints (24 Cars)

[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 21-Travis Hery[3]

2. 19-Jimmy Snead[1]

3. 18K-Todd Keen[5]

4. 2-Dustin Ingle[4]

5. 71-Stratton Briggs[2]

6. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[8]

7. 46-Cody Gardner[7]

8. 22JR-Thomas McCance[6]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 23S-Kyle Simon[1]

2. 9N-Luke Hall[6]

3. 24L-Lee Underwood[5]

4. 7R-Nick Daugherty[7]

5. 87-Paul Dues[2]

6. 14C-Andy Conley[4]

7. 5-Mark Silva[3]

8. 7-Tim Calicoat[8]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 2B-Mike Dunlap[1]

2. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[3]

3. 63D-Jim Dues[4]

4. 14-Cooper Clouse[8]

5. 12-Kent Wolters[6]

6. 5W-Jeff Williams[5]

7. 9-Dave Disinger[2]

8. 17-Kevin Myers[7]

A-Main – (25 Laps)

1. 23S-Kyle Simon[5]

2. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[1]

3. 2B-Mike Dunlap[4]

4. 19-Jimmy Snead[3]

5. 18K-Todd Keen[7]

6. 9N-Luke Hall[2]

7. 63D-Jim Dues[9]

8. 12-Kent Wolters[15]

9. 2-Dustin Ingle[10]

10. 7R-Nick Daugherty[11]

11. 71-Stratton Briggs[13]

12. 21-Travis Hery[6]

13. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[16]

14. 14-Cooper Clouse[12]

15. 14C-Andy Conley[17]

16. 5-Mark Silva[20]

17. 5W-Jeff Williams[18]

18. 46-Cody Gardner[19]

19. 24L-Lee Underwood[8]

20. 22JR-Thomas McCance[22]

21. 9-Dave Disinger[21]

22. 17-Kevin Myers[24]

23. 87-Paul Dues[14]

24. 7-Tim Calicoat[23]

Hard Charger: 12-Kent Wolters[+7]