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By Dick Jordan

 usac United States Auto Club 2012 logo

            USAC’s Washington and Western HPD Midget series continue this week with races at Banks, Ore. and Madera, Calif. respectively. Chase Goetz sits atop the Washington points and Shawn Buckley is the Western Pavement leader entering this week’s action.

            Tristin Thomas of Burlington, Wash. won Saturday night’s 20-lap USAC Washington HPD Midget race at Skagit Speedway in Alger. She led all 20 laps to beat Chase Goetz, Lance Sargent, Dougie James and Lance Hallmark.

            Dougie James of Shoreline, Wash. won Friday night’s 25-lap “special event” for the USAC Washington HPD Midgets at Deming Speedway. He passed Lance Sargent on lap 24 and led the final two laps for the victory, beating Chance Crum, Sargent, Lance Hallmark and Michael Vollbrecht to the checkered flag.

            Rain and inclement weather forced cancellation of USAC Eastern HPD Midget races at Williamston and Oswego, New York over the weekend. The Eastern series resumes September 20 at Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway.

2014 HPD USAC Washington Midget Standings: 1-1-Goetz-571, 2-James-469, 3-G.Thomas-459, 4-Chance Crum-426, 5-Vollbrecht-424, 6-Lindquist-404, 7-T.Thomas-344, 8-Hartman-340, 9-Sargent-272, 10-Jeremy Miller-249.

2014 HPD USAC Western Pavement Midget Standings: 1-Shawn Buckley-680, 2-Toni Breidinger-480, 3-Christine Breckenridge-426, 4-Joel Raybourne-397, 5-Annie Breidinger-381, 6-Dylan Nobile-360, 7-Cody Jessop-319, 8-Tom Patterson-277, 9-Jeff Kelley-259, 10-Michael Fanelli-200.