Shultz Wins at Selinsgrove

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Selinsgrove, PA — (September 20, 2014) — Jason Shultz of Carlisle finally made a break-through and scored his first win of the season in Saturday night’s 25-lap 360 sprint car main event at Selinsgrove Speedway.

Shultz, who won four races and the track championship last year, was at the wheel of the Horstcraft Millworks No. 29 for his 13th career win at the track.

Tim Wilson of McClure held off late-race challenges for his second win of the season at Selinsgrove in the 25-lap super late model feature.

In the 15-lap pro stock feature, Adam Campbell of Danville earned his first career win, while Keith Bissinger of Orangeville won his eighth race of the season in the 12-lap roadrunner feature.

The 2014 track championships were clinched by Mark Smith of Sunbury (360 sprint cars), Jeff Rine of Danville (late models), Brad Mitch of McClure (pro stocks), and Keith Bissinger of Orangeville (roadrunners).

Selinsgrove Speedway will conclude the season with the 14th annual Mach 1 Chassis National Open for 358-360 sprint cars at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27. The 35-lap Open will pay $10,000 to win out of the $35,000-plus purse. Track gates will open at 5 p.m.

Second-place starter Michael Walter II stormed into the lead at the drop of the green flag in the sprint car feature. Walter was chased by fourth-place starter Colby Womer, third-place starter Cody Keller, and eighth-place starter Jason Shultz, and by lap five the leaders began to encounter slower traffic.

By lap 10, Walter stretched his lead to a straightaway over Womer as Shultz advanced to third. The race’s first caution flag unfurled on lap 11 when Bill Sherman spun his car in turn four. When the race resumed, Walter continued to lead with Shultz moving into the second position.

Another caution flag for Mallie Shuster in turn four regrouped the field. On the lap 14 restart, Shultz made the winning pass using the inside lane entering turn one. The final caution flag waved on lap 20 when Pat Cannon’s car rolled to a stop on the frontstretch.

Racing into turn one, Keller made an exciting pass to take away the second position with 12th-place starter TJ Stutts streaking into the third position. At the finish, Shultz was victorious by just .92 of a second over Keller, Stutts, 10th-place starter Davie Franek, and Walter.

Second-place starter Meade Hahn and third-place starter Tim Wilson dueled for the lead in the late model feature for 11 laps before Wilson secured the front spot with an inside pass in turn four on the 12th circuit. By the 14th lap, Wilson began to open up a comfortable lead over polesitter Danny Snyder and fifth-place starter Jason Schmidt.

With 10 laps to go, 11th-place starter Jim Yoder began to show a lot of speed and advanced to the second spot with 20th-place starter Jeff Rine in tow. The final caution flag unfurled on lap 22 for Jim Bernheisel, setting up a chase to the checkered flag between Wilson, Yoder, and Rine.

Yoder and Rine pressured Wilson during the final three laps of the race but it was Wilson taking the checkered flag by a mere .54 of a second over Yoder. Rine, 16th-place starter Chad Hollenbeck, and 10th-place starter Bryan Bernheisel completed the top five.

Polesitter Matt Wilson powered into the early lead in the pro stock feature. On the fourth circuit, Wilson’s car bobbled in turn two, allowing third-place starter Brandon Moser to take command of the field. Fifth-place starter AJ Stroup raced a close second but was forced to withdraw from the race when his car developed mechanical problems on lap eight while pacing under caution.

Moser led through the 10th lap, when sixth-place starter Adam Campbell made a pass for the lead. A lap later, Moser spun in turn four, setting up a four-car battle between Campbell, fourth-place starter Nathan Long, eighth-place starter Kyle Bachman, and ninth-place starter Andrew Shoop.

At the checkered flag, Campbell was victorious by just .49 of a second over Long, Bachman, Shoop, and 19th-place starter Jake Buck.


Feature: 1. 29 – Jason Shultz, 2. 99K – Cody Keller, 3. 23 – T.J. Stutts, 4. 28F – Davie Franek, 5. 33W – Michael Walter, II, 6. 1W – Brock Zearfoss, 7. 25 – Josh Weller, 8. U1W – Chad Layton, 9. 76 – Larry Kelleher, 10. 19 – Colby Wormer, 11. 77 – Derek Locke, 12. 5 – Justin Barger, 13. 3Z – Bobby Parrow, 14. 49 – Mike Walter, 15. 66 – Ryan Kissinger, 16. 00 – Dane Lorenc, 17. 22 – Troy Betts, 18. 44 – John Braim, 19. 6 – Bill Sherman, 20. 3 – Pat Cannon, 21. 49S – Mallie Shuster, 22. 1B – Joe Biasi, 23. 52 – Jim Shuster, 24. 100 – Jeff Lebowski, 25. 1 – Mark Smith.