Looking Back: 2014 Season in Review

T.J.’s favorite podcasts from 2015

TJSlideways Live, Post Race Podcasts, and other podcasts have become an important part of TJSlideways.com’s coverage of open wheel racing.  Here are T.J.’s favorite podcasts from the 2014 season.

  1. 07/07/2014:  Kings Royal Post Race Podcast with Kerry Madsen
  2. 07/14/2014:  Hannagate breaks in the middle of the program. 
  3. 08/11/2014:  Knoxville Nationals wrap up
  4. 09/22/2014:  Wayne Johnson, Joey Saldana, Kevin Nouse, and Dustin Ingle
  5. 04/14/2014:  Podcast with Whit Gastineau on rebuilding after a tornado.