Ruhl wins second in a row with SOD

Ryan Ruhl.  (Bob Buffenbarger Photo)
Ryan Ruhl. (Bob Buffenbarger Photo)
By T.J. Buffenabrger

Lake Odessa, MI — (May 1, 2015) — Ryan Ruhl picked up his second consecutive Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP feature event Friday night at I-96 Speedway. Ruhl and Gregg Dalman staged a spectacular race for the lead trading the top spot back and forth before Ruhl took the point with three laps to go and held on for the victory.

“Greg (Dalman) and I had a really great race going there,” said Ruhl following the feature. “I couldn’t quite get by him, and we got close a couple of times, but I finally got a good run through one and two and got by him.”

Andy Teunessen and Craig Karazim started on the front row for the 25-lap feature event with Teunessen leading early. After an early caution for Scott Hull’s spin in turn four Daggett quickly worked his way into the top three after starting in row four and began to run down the leaders. Daggett took the lead on lap 10 for Teunessen and pulled away from the field.

Behind Daggett Gregg Dalman was also making a charge on the bottom of the race track. Using the bottom of the track, Dalman disposed of Teunessen for second and began to pursue Daggett for the lead. By that point though Daggett has amassed a half a track lead.

Then with 10 laps to go Daggett got tangled up in slower traffic and ended up backwards in turn four with Linden Jones, turning the lead over to Dalman. Daggett went to the back of the lead lap cars for the restart.

After the green Dalman and Ruhl began a torrid battle for the lead, racing by side and even making hard contact on the front stretch. With three laps to go Ruhl got a run under Dalman through turns one and two to take the lead. Ruhl followed up taking the lead by slipping through traffic the final three laps to take the victory over Dalman. Daggett was able to race his way up to third with Brett Mann and Teuessen rounding out the top five.

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP
I-96 Speedway – Lake Odessa, MI
Friday May 1, 2015

Comp Cams / Lane Automotive Heat Race #1 (8 Laps): 1. 16 – Ryan Ruhl, 2. 31 – Andy Teuessen, 3. 2M – Dustin Daggett, 4. 19 – Brett Mann, 5. 27 – Brad Lamberson, 6. 7R – Nic Rogers, 7. 7K – Kyle Pitts

Kistler Racing Products Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 49T – Gregg Dalman, 2. 4Z – Craig Karazim, 3. 48 – Scott Hull, 4. 20A – Andy Chehowski, 5. 19J – Linden Jones, 6. 23G – Joe Geibe, 7. 24 – Eric Smith

Allstar Performance / Engler Machine and Tool Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. 11R – Chase Ridenour, 2. 21 – Kirk Cheney, 3. 11 – Trey Smith, 4. 1A – Mark Aldrich, 5. 18 – D.J. Lamance, 6. 70 – Jim Lingar

Feature (25-Laps): 1. 16 – Ryan Ruhl, 2. 49T – Gregg Dalman, 3. 2M – Dustin Daggett, 4. 19 – Brett Mann, 5. 31 – Andy Teuessen, 6. 11R – Chase Ridenour, 7. 7K – Kyle Pitts, 8. 4Z – Craig Karazim, 9. 27 – Brad Lamberson, 10. 7R – Nic Rogers, 11. 11 – Trey Smith, 12. 1A – Mark Aldrich, 13. 20A – Andy Chehowski, 14. 23G – Joe Geibe, 15. 48 – Scott Hull, 16. 70 – Jim Lingar, 17. 19J – Linden Jones, 18. 21 – Kirk Cheney, 19. 18 – D.J. Lamance, 20. 24 – Eric Smith.