Brody Roa Earns 2nd Fort Memorial Win at Santa Maria

Brody Roa. (Lance Jennings photo)

From Lance Jennings

SANTA MARIA, Ca. (July 6, 2019) — Racing past Chris Gansen on the second lap, Brody Roa (Garden Grove, CA) ran away from the field to win his second “Doug Fort Memorial” at Santa Maria Raceway. Driving the BR Performance #91R HD Industries / Burris Racing Maxim, Roa scored his second AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Car victory of the campaign and the eighth win of his career. “Thunder” Tommy Malcolm, fast qualifier Jake Swanson, “The Big Game Hunter” Austin Williams, and hard charger T.J. Smith followed Roa to the checkered flags.

Using an iron block 360 cubic-inch engine, Smith earned the Specialty Fasteners Hard Charger Award with a tenth to fifth place run. Chris Gansen claimed the Wilwood Disc Brakes “Lucky 13 Award” with a thirteenth place finish in the main event.

Swanson scored his 18th career Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Award by posting a time of 13.537 over the 18-car roster.

The night’s 10-lap heat race victories went to Malcolm (Extreme Mufflers First Heat) and Smith (Circle Track Performance / Ultra Shield Race Products Second Heat).

The next event for the AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Cars will be next Saturday, July 13th, at Perris Auto Speedway’s co-sanctioned clash with the USAC SouthWest Sprints.

The AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series thanks All Coast Construction, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions, Butlerbuilt Professional Seat Systems, Circle Track Performance, Competition Suspension Incorporated, Extreme Mufflers, Five Star Grafix, Flowdynamics, Hoosier Racing Tire, Loudpedal Productions, Pyrotect Racing Cells, Saldana Racing Products, Specialty Fasteners,, Ultra Shield Race Products, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and Woodland Auto Display for their support.

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AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: July 6, 2019 – Santa Maria Raceway – Santa Maria, California – “11th Doug Fort Memorial”

WOODLAND AUTO DISPLAY QUALIFYING: 1. Jake Swanson, 34AZ, Grau/Burkhart-13.537; 2. Danny Faria Jr., 8, Richardson-13.707; 3. Austin Williams, 92, Sertich-13.741; 4. Brody Roa, 91R, BR-13.785; 5. Cody Williams, 44, Williams-13.865; 6. Damion Gardner, 4, Alexander-13.867; 7. Chris Gansen, 4G, Gansen-13.907; 8. Verne Sweeney, 98, Tracy-13.980; 9. Tommy Malcolm, 5X, Napier-14.118; 10. T.J. Smith, 8M, May-14.149; 11. Austin Liggett, 83, Liggett-14.157; 12. Steve Hix, 57, Hix-14.167; 13. Matt McCarthy, 28M, McCarthy-14.293; 14. Austin Ervine, 51, AJ-14.696; 15. Kenny Perkins, 0K, Perkins-14.739; 16. Joel Rayborne, 12B, Blair-14.758; 17. James Herrera, 5J, Herrera-15.103; 18. Eddie Tafoya Jr., 51T, Tafoya-NT

EXTREME MUFFLERS FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Malcolm, 2. Liggett, 3. Swanson, 4. Gansen, 5. A.Williams, 6. C.Williams, 7. McCarthy, 8. Perkins, 9. Herrera. NT

CIRCLE TRACK PERFORMANCE / ULTRA SHIELD RACE PRODUCTS SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Smith, 2. Gardner, 3. Faria, 4. Roa, 5. Hix, 6. Sweeney, 7. Ervine, 8. Rayborne. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps, with starting positions) 1. Brody Roa (4), 2. Tommy Malcolm (1), 3. Jake Swanson (6), 4. Austin Williams (7), 5. T.J. Smith (10), 6. Verne Sweeney (9), 7. Cody Williams (8), 8. Damion Gardner (3), 9. Matt McCarthy (13), 10. Steve Hix (12), 11. Joel Rayborne (16), 12. Austin Ervine (14), 13. Chris Gansen (2), 14. Danny Faria Jr. (5), 15. Kenny Perkins (15), 16. Austin Liggett (11), 17. James Herrera (17), 18. Eddie Tafoya Jr. (18). NT
**Gansen flipped on lap 23 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Gansen, Laps 2-30 Roa

NEW AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR POINTS: 1-Roa-607, 2-Gardner-606, 3-A.Williams-544, 4-Swanson-481, 5-Malcolm-397, 6-Gansen-393, 7-R.J. Johnson-328, 8-McCarthy-322, 9-C.Williams-318, 10-Richard Vander Weerd-316.

NEXT AMSOIL USAC/CRA SPRINT CAR RACE: July 13 – Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, California – co-sanctioned with USAC SouthWest