Bubak Claims $2000 URSS Wheatshocker Nationals!

Jake Bubak URSS photo

Hays, Kansas – July 14, 2019 – Continuing on his hot streak, Golden, Colorado’s Jake Bubak took the lead with eight laps left of the 30 lap feature and went on to claim the eleventh annual “Wheatshocker Nationals” as the Lucas Oil POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing wrapped up the two-race weekend Sunday night atop the excellently prepared Rolling Plains Motor Speedway in Hays, Kansas.

Luke Cranston and Jed Werner started on the front row for the thirty-lap championship feature finale with Cranston taking the early lead as the green flag fell. Werner, Zach Blurton, Jack Potter and Brian Herbert were the top five after the first lap was complete.

Cranston kept a pressuring Werner behind the first six laps before Werner took the lead on lap six. The racy three-eighths mile oval saw passing throughout the field while Cranston kept Werner at a safe distance.

Lap eleven saw current series point leader Blurton over-take Cranston for the runner up position and set his sights on the leader. Meanwhile, the battle for the fourth position waged as eighth-starting Bubak passed Herbert for the position, moving Herbert back to fifth.

Top five at the raceway midway point was Werner while Blurton was close behind in second. Bubak and Herbert passed Cranston for the third and fourth positions, respectively, moving Cranston into the fifth position.

Lap nineteen saw Bubak continue making his move towards the leader, passing Blurton for the runner-up position and set his sights on Werner. The 2014 event winner pressured Werner for several laps before making the winning pass on lap twenty-two.

Bubak would use a slower car to put a cushion between himself and Werner the final laps and would go on to claim his fifth series victory on the season. Bubak’s victory earned him his second career “Wheatshocker Nationals” victory, a $2000 paycheck and a Pit Boss Pellett Grill, courtesy of Lance Pittman and S&W Supply.

As mentioned, Werner settled for second while Cranston came back to claim the third spot. Blurton settled for fourth while Steven Richardson rounded out the top five from his 12th starting position. Shon Pointer earned the races “Hard Charger” award as he came from 14th to a sixth-place finish.

The four, eight lap heat races for the 29-car field were won by Cranston, Blurton, Ty Williams and Herbert while Austin Mclean and Pointer won the two, twelve lap “B” features.

“The Rebels” will take this coming weekend off before a pivotal stretch of racing to end the month of July and start the month of August as six races in eight night’s await. The dates and events are:

July 27 – SolomanCountySpeedway – Beloit, Ks

July 28 – RushCountySpeedway – LaCrosse, Ks

July 31 – ThayerCountySpeedway – Deshler, Ne

Aug 1-3 – 2nd Annual 305 Belleville Sprint Nationals – Belleville, Ks ($7000 to-win)

United Rebel Sprint Series

Rolling Plains Motor Speedway/Hays, Kansas

July 14, 2019

29 Cars

1st B Feature (12 Laps): 1) Austin McLean 83, 2) Jordan Knight 10, 3) Jeremy Huish 88j, 4) Lance Davis 9D, 5) Buddy Tubbs 95, 6) Ray Seemann 72, 7) Kaden Taylor 6, 8) Aaron Ploussard 33k, 9) Dalton Webb (r) 29

2nd B Feature (12 Laps): 1) Shon Pointer 20p, 2) Shane Sundquist 7, 3) Koby Walters 33, 4) Kyler Johnson (r) 45x, 5) Mark Walinder 6z, 6) J D Johnson 98, 7) Kade Hagans 17x, 8) Darren Berry 12

A Feature (30 Laps): 1) Jake Bubak 11, 2) Jed Werner 50, 3) Luke Cranston 49x 4) Zach Blurton 2j, 5) Steven Richardson 0, 6) Shon Pointer 20p, 7) Brian Herbert 97, 8) Ty Williams 911, 9) Taylor Velasquez 21X, 10) Jack Potter 15, 11) Tracey Hill 28, 12) Shane Sundquist 7, 13) Austin McLean 83, 14) Jordan Knight 10, 15) Koby Walters 33, 16) Jeremy Huish 88j, 17) Kyler Johnson (r) 45x, 18) Lance Davis 9D, 19) Tyler Knight 11K, 20) Scott Cochran 16