Abreu Takes MOWA Main at Jacksonville

Rico Abreu. (Dan McFarland photo)

Rico Abreu won the MOWA feature at Jacksonville Speedway Friday night

Jacksonville Speedway

Jacksonville, IL


30 cars

Heat one (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Skylar Gee 99G (2*) 2. Jimmy Hurley 83 (1*) 3. Korey Weyant 99w (6*) 4. Colton Fisher 11 (3*) 5. Ryan Bunton 6R (8*) 6. Mason Campbell 11c (7) 7. Drew Marshall 83 (4) 8. George Crawford 57 (5)

10-lap heats took the top 17 in passing points to the feature on the banked ¼-mile. Gee led wrie to wire in this one, pulling away as he went. Behind him, Fisher took third from Marshall on lap two, while Weyant moved up to fourth on lap three. Weyant worked his way by Fisher to finish third with some good passing points.

Heat two (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Kyle Schuett 9K (3*) 2. Riley Goodno 22 (4*) 3. Jeremy Standridge 10s (2*) 4. Greg Wilson w20 (5*) 5. Logan Faucon 52F (6) 6. Jeff Masson 15* (8) 7. Jeff Tuxhorn 32 (1) 8. Terry Babb 47 (7)

Standridge led early over Schuett and Goodno. Schuett took the point on lap two. On lap four, Babb climbed the left rear of J. Tuxhorn ending the heat for both. Goodno worked the high side to get around Standridge for second on the restart.

Heat three (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Paul Nienhiser 9x (1*) 2. Rico Abreu 24 (3*) 3. Jacob Patton 79J (2*) 4. Hunter Schuerenberg 55 (5*) 5. Josh Schneiderman 49 (6) 6. Corbin Gurley 12 (4) 7. Dylan Tuxhorn 9T (7)

In the stoutest heat of the night, Nienhiser led green to checker from the pole. Abreu worked over Patton for second, and got by with three to go.

Heat four (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Jeff Asher 56 (1*) 2. Austin O’Dell 3 (6*) 3. Dustin Barks 22 (7*) 4. Cory Bruns 44 (3*) 5. Justin Standridge 01 (5) 6. Pete Palazzalo 70 (2) 7. Robbie Standridge 17* (4)

R. Standridge got over the rear tire of Bruns and all but tipped over at the first try at green. He was done for the heat. Asher got out to an early lead over Polazzalo and Bruns. On lap four, Bruns and Polazzalo got together in a battle for second, sending Bruns spinning. He restarted at the tail. O’Dell grabbed second from Polazzolo on the restart and Barks followed him into third on lap six. O’Dell made a late bid for the win, but fell a half a car length short.

B main (started): 1. Schneiderman (2) 2. Babb (9) 3. Faucon (1) 4. D. Tuxhorn (8) / 5. Ju. Standridge (4) 6. Campbell (3) 7. Gurley (6) 8. Marshall (7) 9. Crawford (11) 10. Palazzalo (5) 11. R. Standridge (10) DNS – Masson, J. Tuxhorn

The 12-lapper took the top four to the feature. At the first try at green, Campbell and Faucon made contact in a battle for second. Crawford was collected in the Campbell spin. Both restarted. Schneiderman took off early, over Faucon, Palazzalo and Babb, who had moved up from row five into the last transfer. Babb was into third by lap two. Ju. Standridge took the fourth and final transfer spot from Palazzalo on lap six, but it was short-lived, when D. Tuxhorn passed him fr the spot for good a circuit later. Babb and Faucon had some great racing for second, before Babb grabbed the spot with three to go.

A main (started): 1. Abreu (9) 2. Schuerenberg (15) 3. Goodno (4) 4. Schneiderman (18) 5. Wilson (14) 6. O’Dell (6) 7. Asher (2) 8. Babb (19) 9. Barks (8) 10. Patton (13) 11. Je. Standridge (12) 12. Gee (3) 13. Schuett (5) 14. Bruns (17) 15. Nienhiser (1) 16. Hurley (10) 17. D. Tuxhorn (21) 18. Fisher (16) 19. Weyant (7) 20. Bunton (11) 21. Faucon (20)

The 25-lapper saw Nienhiser pull out to an early lead over Gee and Asher. Schuett put Asher behind him, taking third early. By lap eight, Abreu was up from row five to fifth. Nienhiser was in lapped traffic by lap eight. Two laps later, the third running Schuett brought out a caution. Nienhiser led Gee, Asher, Abreu and O’Dell back to green. A herky, jerky restart saw contact between Weyant and Bunton, with both exiting. When the green fell again, Abreu took third from Asher. The leaders were back in traffic on lap 14. On lap 16, Abreu got by Gee for second, when Gee made heavy contact with the lapped car of Fisher, who pulled in the infield. Nienhiser also tangled with the lapped car of D. Tuxhorn, but was able to keep his car going. That caution came with eight to go. Schuerenberg was now on the move, restarting fourth, but picking off O’Dell for third when green fell again. Nienhiser was pulling away and back in lapped traffic with two to go. Bruns would spin, slowing things again. Nienhiser jetted off again, but slowed dramatically, coming for the white flag as if something broke. Abreu assumed the lead and coasted to his second MOWA win in as many weekends. Schuerenberg settled for second from row eight, while Goodno posted an impressive podium finish. Schneiderman was the hard-charger in fourth.