Bowers Wins at the Jerry Richert Memorial

Ryan Bowers UMSS photo

By Kris Peterson
Saturday evening was the premier all sprint car event the Jerry Richert Memorial race featuring the PIRTEK UMSS Traditional Sprints, the MPS 360 Sprints and the IRA 410 sprints.

Cam Schafer, Jake Kouba and Ryan Bowers would win the heat races. The main event could have been called the Bowers and DaRonco show, while there was some great racing from 3rd thru 10th it was hard to pay attention with all of the moves being made up front. From the drop of the green flag it was all Nick DaRonco with the early lead and Ryan Bowers a close 2nd. These drivers were pulling sliders and throwing those cars in deep to switch positions on 7 different occasions in 20 laps. It was with 7 to go the 8 and 16 car came across the line nose to nose. In the end it would be Bowers taking the top spot in this very special race and making his way to Rock Auto Victory Lane aboard the Fire Departments on track vehicle after Jimmy Kouba broke on the back stretch during the cool down lap collecting Bowers.

Heat 1 – Schafer, Jimmy Kouba, Hanson, Mueller, Roach, Stettner, Vadnais, Widdes

Heat 2 – Jake Kouba, Parsons, Peterson, Lewerer, Kerzman, Vogel, Wass

Heat 3 – Bowers, Brandt, DaRonco, Cunningham, Smith, Mackey, Vaillancourt

Feature – Bowers, DaRonco, Jake Kouba, Schafer, Hanson, Brandt, Mueller, Kerzman, Parsons, Peterson, Lewerer, Roach, Kouba, Stettner, Vadnais, Vogel, Smith, Wass, Mackey, Vaillancourt, Widdes (DNF), Cunningham (DNF),