Swanson and O’Gara Win at Anderson

Kody Swanson. (Jim Fisher photo)

ANDERSON, Ind. (July 10, 2021) — Kody Swanson and Kyle O’Gara won features during the 2021 edition of the Glenn Niebel Classic Saturday at Anderson Speedway. Swanson won the non-wing sprint car feature over 2021 Little 500 champion Tyler Roahrig and Caleb Armstrong.

O’Gara backed up a fifth place finish in the sprint cars by topping Swanson in the midget car feature.

The Don and Mel Kenyon Classic for the USSA Kenyon Midgets was postponed due to rain. That event will be made up on Saturday July 31st.

Glenn Niebel Classic
Anderson Speedway
Anderson, Indiana
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Non-Wing Sprint Cars

1. 77-Kody Swanson
2. 56-Tyler Roahrig
3. 7-Caleb Armstrong
4. 22-Bobby Santos III
5. 67-Kyle O’Gara
6. 4-Emerson Axsom
7. 10-Chris Neuenschwander
8. 12-Jake McElfresh
9. 1-Dakoda Armstrong
10. 11-Tom Paterson
11. 31-Derek Bischak
12. 45-Mark Hall
13. 74-Tony Main
14. 12W-Billy Wease
15. 18-Travis Welpott
16. 14-Doug Fitzwater
17. 51-Tim Creech
18. 71-Brian Vaughn
19. 34-Gary Dunkle

Midget Cars

1. 1-Kyle O’Gara
2. 77-Kody Swanson
3. 7A-Dalton Armstrong
4. 7K-Nick Hamilton
5. 31-Derek Bischak
6. 16-Aryton Houk
7. 00-Colin Grissom