Williamson Wins at Bunbury

2021 Maddington Toyota Sprint Car Series Top Story Logo

DAVENPORT, W.A. (February 5, 2022) — Callum Williamson won the Maddington Toyota Sprint Car Series feature Saturday at Bunbury City Speedway. Williamson moved up from seventh starting position to take the lead on lap six of the 30-lap main event and never looked back in route to victory. Andrew Priolo, Daniel Harding, A.J. Nash, and Jason Kendrick rounded out the top five.

Tom Payet won the midget car feature while Blake Iwanow won the Wingless V6 Sprint Car feature.

Bunbury City Speedway
Davenport, Western Australia
Saturday, February 5, 2022

Maddington Toyota Sprint Car Series

1. 3-Callum Williamson
2. 8-Andrew Priolo
3. 41-Daniel Harding
4. 9-A.J. Nash
5. 11-Jason Kendrick
6. 25-Taylor Milling
7. 79-Kris Coyle
8. 14-Jason Pryde
9. 20-Ryan Lancaster
10. 55-Darren Mewett
11. 18-Trevor Jolly
12. 77-Bradley Maiolo
13. 97-Mitchell Wormall
14. 8wx-David Priolo
15. 67-Jaydee Dack
16. 24-Jack Williamson
17. 4-Cameron Mckenzie
18. 19-Trent Pigdon
19. V27-Kaiden Manders
20. 2-Dayne Kingshott
21. 94-Matthew Cross
DNS: 6-Todd Davis

Midget Cars:

1. 7-Tom Payet
2. 26-Keenan Fleming
3. 23-Glen Mears
4. 51-Beau Doyle
5. 97-Gary Mann
6. 2-Ross Heywood
7. 35-Andrew Charles
8. 76-Patrick Watson
9. 89-Cory Smith
10. 85-Beau Rogers
11. 95-Lee Austen
12. 50-Tom Callaghan
DNS: 71-Dan Golding
DNS: 88-Matt Watkins

Wingless V6 Sprint Cars

1. 2-Blake Iwanow
2. 84-Daran Humfrey
3. 56-Brendon Wedge
4. WA1-Matt Iwanow
5. 24-Brandon Sharpe
6. 78-Matty Fellowes
7. 9-Tom Britton
8. 29-Chad Pittard
9. 90-Daniel Keen
10. 34-Robbie Clark
11. 55-Cody Nash
12. 8-Gareth Smith
13. 94-Warren Hunter
14. 23-Kate Walsh
15. 74-Adam Bosnjak
16. 6-Travis Armstrong
17. 5-Brad Fitzgerald
DNS: 4-Dean Gittos
DNS: 36-Kevin Bissaker