Ordway Wins the Hy-Miler Nationals

Mike Ordway. (Lee Booze photo)

SANDUSKY, Ohio (July 30, 2022) — Mike Ordway Jr. won the Hy Miler Nationals Saturday night at Sandusky Speedway with the International Super Modified Association / Midwest Supermodified Series. Ordway held off a late race challenge from Friday night’s Fast 40 feature winner Otto Sitterly for the victory. Mike McVetta, Moe Lilje, and Michael Barnes rounded out the top five.

Hy-Miler Nationals
Sandusky Speedway
Sandusky, Ohio
Saturday, July 30, 2022

Feature (100 Laps):
1. 61-Mike Ordway Jr[9]
2. 7-Otto Sitterly[8]
3. 22-Mike McVetta[5]
4. 32-Moe Lilje[14]
5. 11-Michael Barnes[3]
6. 74-Johnny Benson Jr[2]
7. 78-Mark Sammut[1]
8. 36-JJ Henes[15]
9. 95-Dave (DJ) Shullick Jr[12]
10. 88-AJ Leseicki[13]
11. 19-Trent Stephens[7]
12. 9-Tim Jedrzejek[4]
13. 97-Ben Seitz[6]
14. 05-Jeff Abold[11]
15. 8-Kyle Capodice[16]
16. 11E-Kyle Edwards[10]
17. 12-Jake Smith[17]