Stockon Tops Cummins to Win MSCS Feature at Haubstadt

HAUBSTADT, Ind. (October 8, 2022) — Chase Stockon won the Midwest Sprint Car Series feature Saturday at Tri-State Speedway. Stockon took the lead from Kendall Ruble and held of a late charge from Kyle Cummins and Kevin Thomas Jr. for the $5,000 victory. Carson Garrett, and Robert Ballou rounded out the top five.

Midwest Sprint Car Series
Tri-State Speedway
Haubstadt, Indiana
Saturday, October 8, 2022

1. Chase Stockon
2. Kyle Cummins
3. Kevin Thomas Jr.
4. Carson Garrett
5. Robert Ballou
6. Anton Hernandez
7. Kendall Ruble
8. Jason McDougal
9. Jadon Rogers
10. Brady Short
11. Justin Grant
12. Critter Malone
13. Brandon Morin
14. Aydn Schmidt
15. CJ Leary
16. Collin Ambrose
17. Geoff Ensign
18. Stan Beadles
19. Sam Scott
20. Dustin Beck
21. Aric Gentry