Rear Tire Rule Information For 2023 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals

37th Chili Bowl

TULSA, Okla. (October 26, 2022) As a notice to all who will compete in the 37th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire, rear tires will be mandated for the 2023 event as we have been informed by Hoosier Tire that the following tires sizes are the only one that will be available for purchase on the rear axle.

Left Rears: 74/10-13 D12 | 76/10-13 D12 | 77/10-13 D12 | 78/10-13 D12 | 80/10-13 D12

Right Rear: 82/12-13 SP2 and SP3

For the 2023 event, the rear tires must fall under the listed Hoosier size and types. This falls under the current rear tire specifications for ARDC, BADGER, BCRA, USAC, USAC West, RMMRA, and POWRi. Front tires will be open to any brand.

There have been concerns over wheel width fitment for the SP2 Right Rear. According to Neil Cowman with Hoosier Tire, “We actually list the recommended wheel width as 10 to 12-inches in the specifications catalog so it’s always been acceptable to run a 12-inch-wide wheel, when allowable.”

During the Chili Bowl, the wheel width is up to 10-inches on a left rear, and up to 12-inces on a right rear. This has not changed.

With the continuing issue of tire availability, Hoosier has stated that the above tires will be the only tires manufactured for use in Midget racing going forward. This was done to streamline the manufacturing process and be able to provide adequate inventory for the Chili Bowl, and other Midget events moving forward.

As always, tires cannot be chemically altered in any way. As we have done since the 2018 event, there will be a designated area at the top of the ramp, and cars will be stopped at random throughout the event. Teams who are stopped will need to provide their own tire groover. This is to avoid any possible cross-contamination. We advise teams to have a groover with you just in case you are stopped.

If anyone has questions, please contact the Chili Bowl office at (918) 838-3777.

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