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Weller and Layton Win URC Features at Bedford

United Racing Club Bedford Speedway Bedford, PA Saturday May 10, 2019 Feature: 1. Chad Layton 2. Curt Michael 3. Derek Locke 4. Jason Strutz 5. Troy Betts 6. Lance Moss 7. Gerard McIntyre 8. Austin […]

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Chad Layton Wins Joe Whitcomb Memorial at Selinsgrove

Patriot Sprint Tour Joe Whitcomb Memorial Selinsgrove Speedway Selinsgrove, PA Saturday June 16, 2018 Time Trial Results: 1) 49s-Mallie Shuster (17.424) 2) 47c-Adam Carberry (17.449) 3) 79-Jordan Thomas (17.547) 4) 77-Derek Locke (17.516) 5) 47-Kyle […]

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Layton Gets First Of Year In Port Royal Sprints

Chad Layton finally put a bright spot into his season of struggles aboard the Middleswarth No. 7 sprint car when he found his way to victory lane at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night to claim his first win of the year anywhere. […]

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Port Royal Speedway

Layton Gets Fist Of Year In Sprints

Chad Layton of Harrisburg claimed his first sprint car win of the season anywhere Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway, holding off Mark Smith and Lance Dewease for his fifth career victory at the oval, worth $3,000. […]