Rutan/Hammons Equipment Still Missing From Ontario Theft

Wyoming, MI — (September 19, 2011) — Ben Rutan confirmed on Monday night that his truck and trailer full of equipment along with Ron Hammons race car is still missing after a theft from the Days Inn hotel parking lot in Brantford, Ontario on Saturday morning.

The Ron Hammons entry on Friday just before the racing program. - Mudclodbob Photo

Rutan has returned to the United States and took the day making sure things like his drivers license were replaced. Early Saturday morning Rutan’s truck and trailer went missing along with the sprint car owned by Ron Hammons. Hammons had hired Rutan to run several upcoming races in the fall. The theft could potentially cripple two racing teams that had combined to make a run at some big late season events.

“Ron had his race car and engine in there, but I had three fire suits, wheels, tires, gears, and all the small stuff it too me 20 years to accumulate to run a race team,” said Rutan over the phone Monday afternoon.

The hit could potentially crippling for both teams for some time. Brantford area police had contacted Rutan on Monday, but Rutan is still frustrated with what he feels is a lack of urgency in finding a high priced item.

“A guy (from the Ontario police) called me today and said the report had been sitting on his desk for a couple of days.”

Rutan did some of his own detective work on Saturday and Sunday and came up with some surveillance tape from a local restaurant of his hauler being driven away. Rutan indicated that with the amount of diesel fuel left in the truck the thieves could not have gone far.

“My truck has two tanks and one was completely empty why the other had another fuel to go maybe 15-20 more miles. It was empty.” will continue to have updates on this developing story throughout the week.