Empire Super Sprints Invade Merrittville and Utica-Rome this Weekend.

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From Dean Reynolds


SYRACUSE, NY – After a well deserved weekend off from full point action, the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) will kick into high gear this weekend with stops at the Merrittville and Utica-Rome Speedways. The two nights will kick off ESS’ weekend of speed which the winged warriors will run five events in eight nights.


This Saturday marks the first time that the ESS traveling road show visits the exciting D-shaped oval in Thorold, Ontario since 2009 where the “Cobra” Chuck Hebing came away with the victory.  The Ontario, NY star will be on hand for the Le Groupe Ultra Tour of Canada full point event which is run in honor of Gary Cunningham.


Hebing will be joined by fellow ESS stars such as point leader Justin Barger, Shawn Donath, Paul Kinney, Cory Sparks, Alain Bergeron, Michael Parent, Matt Tanner, Jeff Cook, Patrick Vigneault, Kevin Ward Jr., Etienne Girard, Mike Stelter, Joe Trenca, Paul Habeck, Paul Pekkonen, Steve Collins and more.


With its location many of the Ohsweken and Southern Ontario Sprints competitors will be on hand for the event.  The son of Gary Cunningham, Travis will have his familiar #71 in the pits along with Glenn Styres, Keith Dempster, Dain Naida, Jamie Collard, Lee Ladouceur, Tyler Rand, Chris Steele, Mikey Kruchka, Todd Hoddick, Jim Huppunen, Stan Zanchin, Jamie Turner, Chris Durand, Jim Porter, John Burbridge and more.


After Merrittville, many teams will head east down the I-90 to Utica-Rome for the second of four visits to the exciting half-mile.  New teams joining the ESS brigade on this night will be Jessica Zemken, Sammy Reakes IV, Larry Wight, Charlie Donk, James Hanson, Jason Barney, Tommy Wickham, Warren Alexson, Josh Pieniazek, Dylan Swiernik, Jami Russell, Jared Fink, Steve Hutchinson Jr. and making his return to the ESS ranks, Jeff VanDusen.


Special thanks to Ohsweken Speedway and Kountry Kafe for sponsoring the Cobra Coaches Dash events on the weekend.  The week of speed will then be followed up by a Tuesday night visit to the RollingWheelsRacewayPark and then on to Mohawk International Raceway and Can-AmMotorsportsPark on Friday and Saturday.  The final three events will pay $2,000 to win.


Merrittville and Utica-Rome, Ontraio, Canada and New YorkState…The Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints are invading and for tradition of 30 years it will be excitement guaranteed!!


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Past Empire Super Sprint Winners at Merrittville Speedway


June 13, 1984 Bob Cain
Aug. 10, 1985 John Brutcher
June 21, 1986 John Brutcher
June 20, 1987 Jeff Taylor
June 18, 1988 John Brutcher
Aug. 26, 1989 Mal Lane
June 16, 1990 Kim Gagliardi
Aug. 25, 1990 Mal Lane
Aug. 24, 1991 Bobby Parrow and John Birosh
June 13, 1992 John Birosh
Aug. 22, 1992 John Birosh
June 12, 1993 Tim Kelly
Aug. 21, 1993 Lance Yonge
July 9, 1994 Tom Taber
Aug. 27, 1994 Tom Taber
June 17, 1995 Mike Woodring
Aug. 19, 1995 Tom Taber
June 15, 1996 Craig Lane
Aug. 17, 1996 Mike Woodring
June 14, 1997 Bobby Parrow
Aug. 16, 1997 Mike Lauterborn
July 11, 1998 Dan Kaszubinski
Aug. 15, 1998 Scott Holcomb
Sept. 19, 1998 Mike Woodring
June 12, 1999 Scott Holcomb
Aug. 14, 1999 Rob Dietrick
Sept. 18, 1999 Doug Emery
June 10, 2000 Rob Dietrick
Aug. 26, 2000 R.C. Faigle
Sept. 16, 2000 Kris Dow
June 16, 2001 Mike Woodring
June 29, 2002 Mike Woodring
June 26, 2004 Dan Kaszubinski
June 25, 2005 Lance Yonge
June 27, 2007 Bubby Kerrick
Sept. 12, 2009 Chuck Hebing


Past Empire Super Sprint Winners at Utica Rome Speedway
May26, 1986 Dave Kelly
July 27, 1986 Bill Peri
May 25, 1987 Gordy Button
Oct. 3, 1987 Mike VanDusen
June 11, 1989 George Sifo
July 9, 1989 Rob Hart
Aug. 20, 1989 Mal Lane
July 8, 1990 Bob Podolak
Aug. 11, 1990 Jeff Thomas
Aug. 9, 1992 Lance Yonge
May 29, 1994 Bobby Parrow
May 26, 1996 Mike Woodring
Sept. 1, 1996 Mike Woodring
Sept. 2, 2001 Steve Dow
Sept. 1, 2002 Dan Kaszubinski
Oct. 9, 2002 Doug Emery
May 25, 2003 Mike Lutz
July 6, 2003 Justin Barger
Aug. 31, 2003 Justin Barger
May 30, 2004 Jeff VanDusen
July 4, 2004 Dan Kaszubinski
Sept. 5, 2004 Lance Yonge
May 29, 2005 Dan Kaszubinski
July 3, 2005 Mike Stelter
Sept. 4, 2005 Lance Yonge
May 28, 2006 Steve Poirier
July 23, 2006 Chuck Hebing
Sept. 3, 2006 Jeff VanDusen
May 27, 2007 Justin Barger
July 1, 2007 Chuck Hebing
Sept. 2, 2007 Steve Poirier
May 25, 2008 Jason Barney
July 6, 2008 Jason Barney
Aug. 31, 2008 Steve Poirier
May 24, 2009 Jessica Zemken
July 6, 2009 Dan Kaszubinski
Sept. 6, 2009 Jason Barney
May 30, 2010 Jessica Zemken
July 4, 2010 Jessica Zemken
Sept. 4, 2010 Chuck Hebing
May 29, 2011 Steve Poirier
July 3. 2011 Chuck Hebing
Aug. 17, 2011 Chuck Hebing
Sept. 4, 2011 Shawn Donath
May 27, 2012 Shawn Donath