Blurton Wins URSS Go in Dodge City

URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story


Zach Blurton took top honors at the Jerry Soderberg Memorial at Dodge City Raceway Park on Saturday night topping a field of 33 cars. urss

In the 30-lap United Rebel Sprint Series main event, fourth-starter Taylor Velasquez battled past pole starter Lance Davis on the high side on the fifth round and led the rest of the way for his apparent second series win of the season at DCRP.

But when Velasquez rolled across the scales below the 1,550 pound minimum, the $1,000 victory went to Jetmore’s Zach Blurton to make him the ninth different winner in the last nine URSS events at Dodge City Raceway Park.

After starting seventh, Blurton cracked the top five by the eighth round and then moved by Darren Bowman for fourth on the tenth circuit. Two laps later, Blurton made what proved to be the race-winning move by passing both Jared Kern and J.D. Johnson to move up to second.

Blurton gave chase over the final rounds and while never quite able to reel in the lightweight Velasquez, kept July winner J.D. Johnson for what proved to be the winning position.

Blurton and Johnson were joined on the podium by current URSS National points leader Jake Bubak in third with Colorado points leader Adam Trimble and 13th-starter Ty Williams rounding out the current top five.

Feature results

1 Zach Blurton
2 JD Jack Johnson
3 Jake Bubak
4 Adam Trimble
5 Ty Williams
6 Richie Dewell
7 Barry Crane
8 Darren Bowman
9 Tyler Knight
10 Jared Kern
11 Mark Walinder
12 John Jacob
13 Kade Hagans
14 Jerry Caldwell
15 Lance Davis
16 Kris Moore
17 Brian Herbert DNF
18 Keefe Hemel DNF
19 Luke Cranston DNF
20 Taylor Velasquez DQ

B Feature #1

1 Richie Dewell
2 Ty Williams
3 Kris Moore
4 Tyler Knight
5 Keefe Hemel
6 Koby Walters
7 Mike Hathaway
8 Jeremy Huish
9 Steve Dalton
10 Brandon Sprott
11 John Webster
12 Stephen Richardson DNF

B Feature # 2

1 Jake Bubak
2 Barry Crane
3 John Jacob
4 Jerry Caldwell
5 Kade Hagans
6 Jordan Randles
7 James Riner
8 Bryson Oeschger
9 Cody Caldwell
10 Jake Greider
11 Zac Taylor DNF

Heat Race Winners: Adam Trimble, Jake Bubak, Lance Davis, Zach Blurton

The Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger award goes to Jake Buback, moving up 9 spots to finish 3rd.