Tyler Courtney Wins OVSCA Feature at Atomic Speedway


From Atomic Speedway


Chillicothe, OH — (October 12, 2013) — After setting fast time and handily winning his heat race in the fabled Ferkel racing number 0 Caleb Griffith jumped to the early lead in feature event only to have to pull off the race track as the top wing mounts broke making it impossible for him to see out of the racer. Then just a couple laps later Brandy Bower after a very strong performance in her heat race found the wall in turn 3 with a very hard hit ending a great run for the young lady racer. As racing resumed Keith Baxter in the Charlie Brown sprinter also went off the turn 3 banking ending his night as well. As the red flag came out Danny Smith changed a flat tire on his racer causing him to have to restart at the tail of the field. Once the early cautions were out of the way it was game on, Tyler Courtney who was driving the Danny Smith Racing number 8 moved to the front in what was only his second night in a sprint car, as Courtney was setting the pace out in front his car owner Danny Smith was marching through the field and on the last lap made the pass for second making it a DSR top two finish with Ryan Myers, Jack Sodeman and Josh Davis rounding out the top 5.
Fast Time: Caleb Griffith
Heats: Caleb Griffith, Danny Smith, Jack Sodeman and Tyler Courtney
B-Main: Nate Reeser
Feature: Tyler Courtney, Danny Smith, Ryan Myers, Jack Sodeman, Josh Davis, Ryan Broughton, Andre Layfield, Kory Crabtree, Greg Mitchell and Mark Imler