Kings Royal Format

Time Trials will be held in order of random draw conducted prior to the driver meeting. The fastest of two laps determines Heat Race seeding.

The results of time trials will be staggered by qualifying time with an invert of five placing the 25th fastest qualifier on the pole of Heat Race one and the 30th fastest qualifier on the pole of Heat Race six. The fastest qualifier will start fifth in the first heat with the sixth qualifier in starting fifth in the sixth heat race.

The top-three finishers will advance from the Heat Races and complete the first 18 positions in the Kings Royal. Cars finishing fourth, fifth and sixth – that are not the two fastest qualifiers who did not finish in the top-three in their heat race – advance to the B-Feature. Cars finishing seventh through 10th advance to the C-Feature.

There will be one C-Feature with cars finishing first through sixth advancing to the B-Feature. Cars finishing first through fourth will advance to the Kings Royal.

The two fastest qualifiers not advancing from the Heat Races will start 19th and 20th in the Kings Royal.

The top-three finishers from the six Heat Races will makeup the first-eighteen starters in the Kings Royal as follows:

ROW ONE: Heat Six – 1st Place, Heat Five – 1st Place
ROW TWO: Heat Four – 1st Place, Heat Three – 1st Place
ROW THREE: Heat Two – 1st Place, Heat One – 1st Place
ROW FOUR: Heat One – 2nd Place, Heat Two – 2nd Place
ROW FIVE: Heat Three – 2nd Place, Heat Four – 2nd Place
ROW SIX: Heat Five – 2nd Place, Heat Six – 2nd Place
ROW SEVEN: Heat One – 3rd Place, Heat Two – 3rd Place
ROW EIGHT: Heat Three – 3rd Place, Heat Four – 3rd Place
ROW NINE: Heat Five – 3rd Place, Heat Six – 3rd Place
ROW 10: Two fastest qualifiers not advancing from heat race.
ROW 11: B-Feature – 1st Place, B-Feature – 2nd Place
ROW 12: B-Feature – 3rd Place, B-Feature – 4th Place