Silver Cup Washed Away

Top Story Silver Dollar Speedway

By Troy Hening
Chico, CA (February 27, 2019) …. A sequence of storms that relentlessly drenched Butte County and the surrounding areas this week, has forced the Silver Dollar Speedway to make an early cancellation for this weekend’s Silver Cup. On Wednesday morning, officials at the Speedway confirmed that the facility was too wet. “We want to put on a quality show for the fans and racers,” said Lowell Moural. “At this point, with all the rain we received, we don’t feel confident that it would be in anyone’s best interest to host a two day show this weekend at Silver Dollar Speedway.”

Unfortunately, this weekend will not be rescheduled. “We looked at some upcoming dates to try and move the Silver Cup, but felt it was in the racing communities’ best interest not to reschedule against other tracks that already had scheduled races coming up,” said Dennis Gage.

Opening night at the Silver Dollar Speedway is now set for March 15th as Brad Sweet Presents the return of the Mini Gold Cup featuring the World of Outlaws and Dwarf Cars. Follow up releases will detail this upcoming race.