Austin McCarl Wins Wild All Star Feature at Park Jefferson

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From Tyler Altmeyer

JEFFERSON, S.D. (May 30, 2020) — Unarguably one of the the most exciting main event outcomes in Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 and Bumper-to-Bumper IRA Series history, Altoona, Iowa’s Austin McCarl accomplished the near-impossible on Saturday night at Park Jefferson International Speedway in Jefferson, South Dakota, and held off two-time and defending All Star champion, Aaron Reutzel, for a first-ever Series victory and a $6,900 top prize. Originally slated to award $6,600, Kevin Rudeen of Rudeen Racing bumped the winner’s share an extra $300 to award $6,900.

Ending with a final margin of victory equalling a fraction of a second, McCarl and Reutzel’s battle for the lead was relentless, exchanging command lap after lap, and sometimes multiple times a lap, during a wild trek through traffic over the final eight circuits. Even the final lap was a barn burner with Reutzel leading the duo down the backstretch and into turn three. Although Reutzel did his best to protect the bottom and shut down any last-ditch effort by McCarl to regain control, the attempt failed, as McCarl was able to maneuver under Reutzel, giving him a slight “kiss” to the inside nerf bar before beating the current All Star championship points leader back to the flagstand.

“I was just trying to beat Aaron (Reutzel),” an elated Austin McCarl laughed, who kicked off the evening with a heat race and dash victory aboard his TMAC Motorsports No. 17A. “I was just trying to run my own race and do what was best for my car. The bottom was better for me, but he was better than me moving up around guys. The bottom was so good there that I was just trying to hit my marks and get guys going down the straightaway and into the corner when they got tight. I just can’t thank my family and supporters enough. To get my first All Star win with my sponsors here, and everyone watching at home, it’s a night i’ll never forget.”

Starting from the pole position, Columbus, Indiana’s Tony Stewart led the first six circuits before Rudeen Racing’s Cory Eliason slipped underneath the three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion to lead lap seven. By lap ten, Eliason and Stewart found themselves swallowed up in slower cars, eventually allowing Stewart to close in on Eliason and regain command on lap 13. Unfortunately for Eliason, a tangle with traffic on lap 14 ended his attempt to regain the top spot, eventually spinning to a stop between turns three and four.

McCarl, who was racing just behind the top-two at the time of the caution, utilized the ensuing restart to slip by Stewart to officially lead lap 14. Reutzel, who started eighth on the feature grid, followed McCarl by Stewart to take second on lap 15. An onslaught of slower traffic on lap 18 allowed Reutzel to close in on McCarl, ultimately igniting a fierce battle between the two frontrunners.

Buzzing the topside, Reutzel drove around McCarl to lead lap 20, only to be denied by McCarl the following circuit with a bold move in turns three and four to complete lap 21. Two circuits later, Reutzel was back on top, desperately trying to separate himself from McCarl with only two laps to navigate. Determined to beat the two-time champ, McCarl quickly persevered, slipping underneath Reutzel to lead lap 24, all before the aforementioned “kiss and run” in the final corner on lap 25.

“It was pretty wild there between Aaron and I in traffic,” McCarl continued. “I saw the white flag and he got around me in one. He did a really good job to open up on me coming out of two and chopping me in turns three and four. He just barely left the door open a little bit and I just kinda stuck my nose in there and gave him a little kiss. I was just trying to win the race and I don’t think it was anything Aaron Reutzel wouldn’t have done. I have a ton of respect for him and his team. They are doing a great job.”

Aaron Reutzel crossed under the flagstand second, followed by Danny Dietrich, Tony Stewart, and Paul McMahan.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions
Park Jefferson International Speedway
Jefferson, S.D.
Saturday May 30, 2020

Lincoln Electric Qualifying
1. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 12.989[42]
2. 11-Zeb Wise, 13.114[35]
3. 14-Tony Stewart, 13.172[33]
4. 48-Danny Dietrich, 13.178[27]
5. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 13.179[5]
6. 26-Cory Eliason, 13.255[3]
7. 7-Justin Henderson, 13.258[18]
8. 13-Paul McMahan, 13.279[26]
9. 70-Justin Peck, 13.293[9]
10. 17A-Austin McCarl, 13.298[19]
11. 35-Skylar Prochaska, 13.323[39]
12. 09-Matt Juhl, 13.338[6]
13. 2KS-Chad Boespflug, 13.356[40]
14. 4-Terry McCarl, 13.371[25]
15. 17B-Bill Balog, 13.383[15]
16. 17-Josh Baughman, 13.394[24]
17. 3-Tim Kaeding, 13.403[20]
18. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg, 13.433[16]
19. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.455[38]
20. 73-Jake Blackhurst, 13.506[23]
21. 21-Brinton Marvel, 13.573[31]
22. 88-Kyle Offill, 13.578[32]
23. 5J-Jeremy Schultz, 13.583[7]
24. 23-Russel Borland, 13.652[10]
25. 05-Colin Smith, 13.662[41]
26. 22-Cole Duncan, 13.671[2]
27. 3P-Sawyer Phillips, 13.672[29]
28. 44-Trey Starks, 13.682[11]
29. 8H-Jade Hastings, 13.731[36]
30. 2W-Scott Neitzel, 13.817[14]
31. 99-Skylar Gee, 13.849[21]
32. 97-Alan Gilbertson, 13.855[37]
33. 14M-Jack Routson, 13.912[8]
34. 44M-Chris Martin, 13.934[28]
35. 33-James Broty, 14.111[22]
36. 0S-Brandon Stevenson, 14.192[17]
37. 35L-Cody Ledger, 14.283[4]
38. 29-Hunter Custer, 14.288[30]
39. 2K-Kevin Ingle, 14.424[13]
40. 0-John Fahl, 14.495[12]
41. 14K-Tori Knutson, 16.644[1]
42. 55M-McKenna Haase, NT

Ford Performance Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 70-Justin Peck[2]
2. 09-Matt Juhl[1]
3. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[4]
4. 26-Cory Eliason[3]
5. 22-Cole Duncan[6]
6. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[5]
7. 14M-Jack Routson[7]
8. 35L-Cody Ledger[8]
9. 14K-Tori Knutson[9]

All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[2]
2. 7-Justin Henderson[4]
3. 2W-Scott Neitzel[6]
4. 17B-Bill Balog[3]
5. 23-Russel Borland[1]
6. 44-Trey Starks[5]
7. 0S-Brandon Stevenson[7]
8. 0-John Fahl[9]
9. 2K-Kevin Ingle[8]

Hunt Brothers Pizza Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 17A-Austin McCarl[3]
2. 4-Terry McCarl[2]
3. 3-Tim Kaeding[5]
4. 13-Paul McMahan[4]
5. 99-Skylar Gee[7]
6. 17-Josh Baughman[1]
7. 73-Jake Blackhurst[6]
8. 33-James Broty[8]

Mobil 1 Heat Race #4 (8 Laps)
1. 14-Tony Stewart[4]
2. 48-Danny Dietrich[3]
3. 88-Kyle Offill[1]
4. 44M-Chris Martin[6]
5. 3P-Sawyer Phillips[5]
6. 55M-McKenna Haase[8]
7. 29-Hunter Custer[7]
8. 21-Brinton Marvel[2]

Kistler Racing Products Heat Race #5 (8 Laps)
1. 2KS-Chad Boespflug[1]
2. 87-Aaron Reutzel[4]
3. W20-Greg Wilson[5]
4. 11-Zeb Wise[3]
5. 35-Skylar Prochaska[2]
6. 05-Colin Smith[6]
7. 8H-Jade Hastings[7]
8. 97-Alan Gilbertson[8]

Kears Speed Shop Dash #1 (4 Laps)
1. 14-Tony Stewart[2]
2. 48-Danny Dietrich[1]
3. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[6]
4. 2KS-Chad Boespflug[4]
5. 13-Paul McMahan[3]
6. 11-Zeb Wise[5]

Kears Speed Shop Dash #2 (4 Laps)
1. 17A-Austin McCarl[4]
2. 26-Cory Eliason[3]
3. 70-Justin Peck[1]
4. 87-Aaron Reutzel[5]
5. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[2]
6. 7-Justin Henderson[6]

Classic Ink USA B-Main (12 Laps)
1. 99-Skylar Gee[6]
2. 22-Cole Duncan[4]
3. 35-Skylar Prochaska[1]
4. 44-Trey Starks[9]
5. 17-Josh Baughman[2]
6. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[7]
7. 73-Jake Blackhurst[11]
8. 55M-McKenna Haase[10]
9. 35L-Cody Ledger[18]
10. 23-Russel Borland[3]
11. 05-Colin Smith[8]
12. 3P-Sawyer Phillips[5]
13. 21-Brinton Marvel[16]
14. 29-Hunter Custer[15]
15. 2K-Kevin Ingle[20]
16. 0S-Brandon Stevenson[14]
17. 33-James Broty[17]
18. 14M-Jack Routson[13]
19. 0-John Fahl[19]
20. 14K-Tori Knutson[21]
21. 8H-Jade Hastings[12]

Ollies Bargain Outlet A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 17A-Austin McCarl[2]
2. 87-Aaron Reutzel[8]
3. 48-Danny Dietrich[3]
4. 14-Tony Stewart[1]
5. 13-Paul McMahan[9]
6. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[5]
7. 09-Matt Juhl[13]
8. 70-Justin Peck[6]
9. 3-Tim Kaeding[15]
10. 11-Zeb Wise[11]
11. 2KS-Chad Boespflug[7]
12. 7-Justin Henderson[12]
13. W20-Greg Wilson[16]
14. 4-Terry McCarl[14]
15. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[10]
16. 22-Cole Duncan[22]
17. 73-Jake Blackhurst[27]
18. 88-Kyle Offill[17]
19. 44-Trey Starks[24]
20. 17B-Bill Balog[19]
21. 2W-Scott Neitzel[18]
22. 99-Skylar Gee[21]
23. 44M-Chris Martin[20]
24. 35-Skylar Prochaska[23]
25. 5J-Jeremy Schultz[26]
26. 17-Josh Baughman[25]
27. 26-Cory Eliason[4]