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T.J.’s Notebook: Plenty of Buzz

June 13, 2017

After a great Indiana Midget Week and Eastern Storm and Ohio Speedweek there is a lot of positive buzz going on right now in short track open wheel racing... [...]

Great Lakes Edition: Kalamazoo Features the Speed of Sprint Cars Friday

June 1, 2017

Aaron Pierce's qualifying efforts at Kalamazoo Speedway have been spectacular enough to warrant an early arrival to the world's fastest 3/8-mile oval. In 2015 Pierce blistered Kalamazoo with a lap of 10.114 seconds on his first qualifying lap and might have been faster had he not slipped on the second, having to chase his car up the banking in turn four to avoid pile driving the wall. [...]

T.J.’s Tuesday Notebook: the Calm Before the Storm

January 31, 2017

This past weekend and this weekend are the closest thing to quiet before things ramp up with Florida Speedweeks. Races in United States are starting to pick up and drivers that have competed overseas are starting to make their way home to start the 2017 season. [...]
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