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SOS Returns to South Buxton

Saturday night the Southern Ontario Sprints return to the western end of the province to South Buxton Raceway for the first full show since August 2009. […]

sos Southern Onatario Sprints
Southern Ontario Sprints

Wilson Opens Labour Day Weekend With a Feature Win at Brighton

It must have been Labour Day weekend,
because as usual, the weather forecast didn’t look good. However, this
year proved you can never trust a weatherman because there was great
weather Saturday night and even on a cloudy Sunday, with the hustle of
the great staff at Brighton Speedway, we still got all the racing in but
a few laps of the wingless race. […]

sos Southern Onatario Sprints
Southern Ontario Sprints

Joyceville Jet Flies to Brighton Victory

After weeks of record breaking wet weather, the skies finally cleared on Saturday to make for a beautiful night of sprint car racing at Brighton Speedway. The fans were ready for the first race of the sweet sixteenth season of the Southern Ontario Sprints and they packed the grandstands for it. […]