Shane Golobic to drive John Taylor’s championship Bullet Racing Sprint Car for 2010

From Bill Sullivan

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA – Young open wheel racer Shane Golobic of Fremont, California has been named as the primary driver for the Bullet Racing Sprint Car Team for the 2010 racing season, announced team owner John Taylor last week. As Taylor announced his plans for the racing season to come, the four time championship car owner acknowledged all who supported his trek to the 2009 Placerville Speedway track championship.

“I have a lot of people to thank for the past race season, “said Taylor. “I have to thank all of my sponsors that have stuck with us so long and through tough times, my entire crew and especially Colby Wiesz who won two championships in my car.”

Following their second championship together last season, both Taylor and Wiesz mutually decided to take different directions in 2010. Wiesz will likely compete at a variety of venues in his family owned #21 sprint car while Taylor will strap one of California’s young guns into the seat of the competitive #35 sprint car. Golobic tested with the team for the 2009 Trophy Cup in Tulare.

“Colby Wiesz is a very talented driver and I wish him all the best in 2010. We worked together very well, even during this last year that was a very tough one for us,” added Taylor. “We just both wanted to do different things in 2010 is all. I’m going to miss having him in the car and at the same time I am very excited to have Shane on our team.”

Golobic will drive the #35 sprint car for the entire Placerville Speedway championship season along with a select number of special events during the year including various Civil War Series races. The San Jose State University Freshman will schedule his commitment with Taylor around his busy school schedule along with a number of driving appearances across the nation including the upcoming Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he will be the third member of the Corey Tucker/Bryan Clauson racing team.

“It is an honor to be given the opportunity to drive for John Taylor and his championship winning team,” said Golobic. “I had the chance to drive for John at the Trophy Cup and I believe that we worked very well together.”

Over the past two seasons, Golobic has made a handful of appearances in his family owned car at Placerville Speedway during special events. He drove in 26 races throughout the state in 2009 for eight different car owners and claimed the 2009 Calistoga Speedway track championship with a top ten finish in every event there during the season.

“I’m looking forward to racing at Placerville on a weekly basis with John Taylor and his team,” added Golobic. “Placerville is an aggressive and challenging track. I know this team will provide me with a car capable of being up front each and every night. I’m looking forward to racing with the Placerville regulars and learning as much as possible.”

While Golobic had a successful year in multiple venues in 2009, Taylor had a solid season at Placerville. Despite a stint of mechanical challenges and a number of nights where his driver simply fell victim to unavoidable incidents, the team rallied to the top of the point standings and claimed the track title in a campaign where three different drivers were gunning for the lead down to the last night of competition.

Like any race team, Taylor’s Bullet Racing sprint car team relies on the strong support of sponsorship. In a challenging economy, several of the team’s long time sponsors continued their outstanding support during this history making year. Taylor is the only car owner in the history of Placerville Speedway to win four straight championships with both Greg DeCaires and Colby Wiesz behind the wheel.

M&M Stuctures Commercial Framing of Woodland assumed the role of the team’s lead sponsor last year and will return in the year to come. Taylor spoke highly of owner Dan Monhoff for his investment in the team.

“I want to thank everyone who helped but I especially want to acknowledge Dan for his support through these years,” said Taylor. “We couldn’t have done it without M&M Structures this past year. I value his sponsorship and his friendship with the entire team.”

Additional marketing partners who supported Taylor and are expected to return include Ervin Sales Group, Powder Coat It, JB Racing Components. A special thanks also goes out to Phil Hamiliton of RPM Photo Art for his support late last season and for the upcoming year as well.

“At this time it looks like everyone will be returning this season and we appreciate that,” said Taylor. “We would like get more sponsorship from the Placerville area next season but times are tough I know, they are tough on all of us and I really want to thank everyone who makes it possible to continue doing this. I think we are going to do well in 2010 with Shane.”

The 2010 Placerville Speedway season will begin in April, specific dates are expected to be released after the first of the year by track management. Additonal information about Shane Golobic can be found at